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* [[User:Davidhayward|David Hayward]]
* [[User:Davidhayward|David Hayward]]
* [[User:Dclarke|David Clarke]]
* [[User:Dclarke|David Clarke]]
* [[User:Lwk|Matt Lloyd)]]
* [[User:Lwk|Matt Lloyd]]
* [[User:Kate|Kate]]
* [[User:Kate|Kate]]
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|<span style="color: #AAAAAA">20:55</span>||<span style="color: #00C322">Nachimir</span>||Meeting closed.
|<span style="color: #AAAAAA">20:55</span>||<span style="color: #00C322">Nachimir</span>||Meeting closed.
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Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:15 Nachimir Nottingham Hackspace monthly meeting about to start: 01/08/2012
20:15 LWK_mac joined the chat room.
20:16 Nachimir Present: Jake H, Gill, David H, David C, Craig P, Daniel, Matt Lloyd, Kate B.
20:17 kim-jonggill joined the chat room.
20:17 Nachimir Actions: Redesign spray booth to allow welding.
20:17 Nachimir Everyone: WTF?
20:17 Nachimir Closed, we're not doing that. Unanimous.
20:18 Nachimir 2. Add historical minutes to wiki. David: Done, James' bit: Not done.
20:18 Nachimir David C: did we get last month's minutes? Kate: Yes.
20:18 Nachimir 3. Proposal for large project area? No (We seem to be managing).
20:18 Nachimir 4. Code lock on front door, Matt L: Done.
20:19 Nachimir Item 2. Financial update.
20:19 LWK_mac Quick summary
20:19 LWK_mac Start bank balance: £2,493.98
20:19 LWK_mac Out: £1,148.54
20:19 LWK_mac In: £2,645.28
20:19 Nachimir Jake: The financial update is that Matt is enjoying a delicious burger.
20:19 LWK_mac End: £3,512.64(bank said £3,481.83)
20:19 LWK_mac Paypal Start: £57.76
20:19 LWK_mac Paypal End: £57.76
20:19 LWK_mac Cash Start balance: £177.33
20:19 LWK_mac Cash In: £384.77
20:19 LWK_mac Cash Out: £441.50
20:19 LWK_mac Cash End: £120.60
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac Start: 96
20:19 ChickenGrylls left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:19 LWK_mac New: 11
20:19 LWK_mac Ex: 0
20:19 LWK_mac End: 107
20:19 LWK_mac Average membership due: £13.16
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac BizSpace: £ 1,154.16
20:19 LWK_mac Talk talk: £28.74
20:19 LWK_mac Insurance: £65.39
20:19 LWK_mac Loan: £208.33
20:19 LWK_mac Other: £170.00
20:19 LWK_mac [edit
20:19 LWK_mac Membership dues: £1,319.28
20:19 LWK_mac Petty Cash Deposits: £136
20:19 LWK_mac Workshops: £1,150.00
20:19 LWK_mac Donations: £40.00
20:19 LWK_mac Events: £
20:19 LWK_mac Pledges: £
20:20 Nachimir Matt Ll: We are at 107 concurrent paying members, average membership is down to £13.16p
20:21 Nachimir 110 is our break even membership goal.
20:22 Nachimir Bank balance looks healthier than it is, we owe Oomlout for kits.
20:23 Nachimir Matt Lloyd, David H: Member audit then code change.
20:23 Nachimir Recorded as an action.
20:24 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: We need to sort out bank account. Possibly different account type, name change, and more access for board members.
20:25 Nachimir Matt Lloyd steps up to be new treasurer.
20:27 Nachimir Item 3: EMF ticket draw.
20:27 Nachimir Four names, Jake Rolling a dice to determine.
20:27 Nachimir First result: Andrew Armstrong.
20:28 Nachimir (Andrew's number four times in a row).
20:28 Nachimir Second result: Wendy Gent
20:29 Nachimir Item 4: Vending Machine payments
20:30 Nachimir Daniel voices a few options: Nominated members people can pay, or a jar.
20:30 Nachimir (Andrew Armstrong joins the meeting)
20:30 Nachimir People generally in favour of nominated members. Matt Little in charge of stock.
20:31 Nachimir (Some questions fly by too fast for me)
20:31 Nachimir Dominic: Will there be an option to pay online?
20:31 Nachimir Matt and Daniel: Yes, bank transfer would be doable.
20:32 Nachimir David H: We could use the old key safe to keep the money.
20:33 Nachimir David C: At the moment, only the person who bought something knows they owe the money? Daniel and Matt: No, it records sales right now.
20:33 Nachimir Jake: So we can leave you with it and talk about it at a later meeting? Daniel: Yes. The only other thing is emailing members to notify what they owe and request payment.
20:34 Nachimir David H: Whatever emails go out could have the banking details in too?
20:34 Nachimir (We're going to bikeshed, move to mailing list and later meeting).
20:35 Nachimir Item 5: Board membership/companies house confirmation of directors.
20:36 Nachimir David C: I can't do that, but one of the existing board members needs.
20:36 Nachimir to change details on Companies House.
20:36 Nachimir Matt Lloyd: Me and David could do. David: Companies House have some good services for filing.
20:37 Nachimir Action: Matt Lloyd and David H to contact new board members and sort this.
20:37 Nachimir Item 6: Young Rewired State: Access, etc.
20:38 Nachimir David C: I'm going to be present to open up, and will be around during the day.
20:40 Nachimir Matt Ll, various: Courtney will need all door codes. David H: Just after YRS probably a good time to do the code change.
20:41 Nachimir Item 7: A.O.B.
20:47 ChickenGrylls joined the chat room.
20:50 Nachimir Item 8: Discretionary spending of trustees.
20:50 Nachimir David H: Need clarification of exactly what directors can spend, when, and not.
20:50 Nachimir Various: There haven't been any problematic instances of it so far.
20:51 Nachimir David: The understanding and systems we have, have been vague and have various potentials to go wrong.
20:51 Nachimir Action: David H to draft a policy on discretionary spending.
20:51 Nachimir Other ideas floated: A minority of directors can vote on smaller amounts?
20:52 Nachimir David C: Have we had a list of rules from Bizspace about use of the space?
20:52 Nachimir Dominic: It's on the back of the contract, it's not very long.
20:52 Nachimir David C: It's recently been put up in the hall near the lift.
20:53 Nachimir Dominic: Wouldn't worry about it too much.
20:54 Nachimir David C: Went to ask building manager, raised lights on stairwell as a safety issue. Said the man who does it was on holiday. David C fixed it and charged him.
20:54 Nachimir I'm starving. This is the longest 40 minutes of my life
20:55 Nachimir Jake: AOAOB?
20:55 Nachimir Everyone: No.
20:55 Nachimir Kate: Um.
20:55 Nachimir Jake: Ok, no, good.
20:55 Nachimir Meeting closed.