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Slightly reorganised notes from the EMF meeting 11st January 2022.

Overview of EMF

Villages and events

  • Pledge drive for the village - but need to find costs. Last time £600
  • Nice place to stay together or eat together and run things like Barbot, events and workshops
  • Can be a focus of projects but no commitment!


  • Pledge drive for tickets again


  • Ride sharing
  • Graham is going to be having a van
    • "And as mentioned on the call I'm happy to upgrade the van to a larger size (within my driving license allowance! lol) if the space wants to cover the difference. That way it saves a bit of cash on two vans when we can fit everything in one."

Potential content for village

  • Andrew - Barbot - Ben wants to help
  • Mike Haber - can do some talks in the tent
  • Snackspace - donations or priced items especially drinks (bring a fridge!) may not need to be manned if we don't leave too much out to fall over
    • Snackpace having some craft stuff as well - scissors, pens, paper, and other useful things
  • Kate - Candy Crane Machine dispensing curios
  • Betty - workshop; origami or something
  • Ben - Light installation at the village would be cool - Graham said he might have spare things
    • Can't mount lights on the marquees we'd be having but Graham has some 50mm poles
    • EMF team may be able to get some hired as part of the village - need to ask
    • DMX interfacing using a custom board
  • Need to check if Dominic is going and wants to help do the Ikea challenge too.
  • Andrew - might do introductions to D&D - others may be interested too (edited)
  • Possible village things; for children - Mike Haber may have some ideas such as "Rude Badges for Kids"

Graham has a EMF project with a mannequin; need to find it though! might be in old craft room (dark room) (Note this is not a village project but is for Null Sector)

There should be enough power just need to know if people want to take other things like 3D printers or heavier duty things.

To do

To do; Inventory of the space for things we might want:

  • 45M would be a good reel length
  • Some extension leads and power related stuff
  • What we have for workshops (eg soldering irons, may need to get some more)
  • Rent a cable to 15amps - if no one has one - Graham has a long cable

gsuberland 20:21

  • re: the cable mentioned above, if we can get hold of a 15A IEC60309 (Commando) plug to 13A BS1363 breakout, I've got a really long IEC60309 (Commando) extension cable and iirc the portaloos have some sockets for that, and they get used up far less quickly than the normal power outlets in the portaloos.

(Post meeting also need to find and check our card reader (does it work still etc.))

Some other bits

Get a whiteboard or two for snackspace, showing what we're doing Can get some stuff to the hackspace for collection by Graham

Next meeting

  • Next meeting may be in person (with zoom) with a focus on Barbot, need to see if Daniel can make it even if he's not at EMF to pass along knowledge.
  • Wednesday night is better