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Event Info

Date Thursday June 2th - Sunday June 5th, 2022
Location Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury
Ticket Prices Full Camp Ticket £165, Under-18 £55, Under-12 £0
Parking £18, Caravan/Campervan £45
Full list here
Official EMF org links https://www.emfcamp.org/
Availability https://www.emfcamp.org/tickets
Other info EMF Wiki, EMF-specific FAQs
Pay it forward ticket EMF 2022 Ticket Pledge
EMF Village Pledge EMF 2022 Village Pledge


Every year, we go as a big group and set up the Nottingham Hackspace village. We offer something to EMF attendees (EMF2016 we brought BarBot, Snackspace and Fire Pong) in a canvas tent if possible. There is obviously a cost to this.

If you are interested in joining the village for 2022, please fill in the table below. There is the opportunity for shared transport and to help pay the cost for the village (costs tbc).

We are also trying for 2022 a "pay it forward" ticket pledge drive - so there may be an opportunity to come on a free ticket that members of the Hackspace pledge towards - the trustees will organise the raffle if we get a ticket secured. See the

Food is available on the site not necessitating a shared meal/BBQ stuff for this year. Snackspace will be run however for snacks and maybe morning coffee too!

We are also doing a EMF 2022 Village Pledge to help fund the marquee, tables, chairs and core things for EMF.

Join us on Slack - channel #emf

Name Ticket Bought Transport Going On Returning On Notes
'RepRap' Matt Will Be Other Way before anyone else Some time after everyone else Will be with EMF Orga
Andrew Armstrong Yes Car Thursday Setup Likely Sunday but maybe Monday Village Lead
Ian Dickinson Yes Car Thursday Monday -
Rob Miles Yes TBD TBD TBD -
Betty Ching YES CAMPER VAN Thursday Setup Likely Sunday 1st EMF
Steve Barnett Yes Lift Required TBD TBD 1st EMF
Mike & Stanley Haber Yes Estate Car TBD TBD -
Julian Best Yes Campervan Thursday Monday 1st EMF. Can help with some setup/takedown
Kate Bolin Yes Need a ride Thursday Monday hopefully -
Samathy Barratt Yes Car Thursday Likely Sunday 1st EMF
Alex Roberts Yes Samathy's Car Thursday Likely Sunday 1st EMF
Kathy M Yes Samathy's Car Thursday Likely Sunday -
Michael Erskine Yes Probably Car Thursday Sunday Mahjong Table?
James F & Michelle S Yes Car (to/from Cambridge) Thursday Sunday -
Martin + 3 Yes Car Thursday Sunday


This is a list of vehicles traveling to EMF 2022. Please update as necessary including any room you have for passengers and stuff.

Vehicle Driver Going On Returning On Passenger Spaces Room for Stuff? Passengers
Vehicle Driver name Driving there on X Driving back to Nottingham on Y Empty seats Room for stuff Who's going (not inc driver)
Car Andrew Armstrong Thursday Likely Sunday evening 4 Maybe a bit Martin
Car Ian Dickinson TBD Sunday morning 1 or 2 Probably -
Car Mike TBD TBD 1 ish Probably Stanley
Camper Van Betty Ching Thursday Sunday Afternoon 0 yes Johnny Yang
Small Car Samathy Thursday Likely Sunday None Maybe a bit Alex R and Kathy M
Car Michael Erskine Weds Sunday 0 very unlikely! Mahjong Table!
Campervan Julian Weds eve (staying local that eve) Mon (but not straight back to Nottm) 0 No -


If we run a full village we will be transporting items down. Here is a sizable list of things the hackspace will be taking. There may be additional room for peoples camping gear depending on size. If people want to offer shared gazebos or anything let us know!

Item Name Owner / Location Transport Notes
Trolley Nottinghack Hackspace Trasnport Need to build!
Card Reader Hackspace / Near safes Hackspace Transport Needed for people paying for workshops, paying for snackspace. Paypal.me on the account for QR code (and link underneath)
Soldering Irons and Badgemaking Kits Hackspace / Blue room / Electronics Hackspace Transport Required for badgemaking workshops
Barbot Hackspace / Project Storage Hackspace Transport If Barbot works
Barbot consumables Hackspace Hackspace Transport If Barbot works. Various alcohol and mixers and little umbrellas etc.
Snackspace Items Hackspace / TBC and brought Hackspace Transport Sweets, possibly something slightly more healthy. Tea and Coffee.
Milk and Cereal Hackspace Hackspace Transport Can purchase more milk locally. Problem is bowls - maybe serve in mugs? Or people bring their own bowls.
Cereal Bars Hackspace Hackspace Transport
Cans of Pop Hackspace Hackspace Transport People might bring coolboxes. Coke Full Fat, Coke Zero, Diet Cola, Pepsi Max, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Iced Tea (bottles)
Coffee and Tea things - Mugs and washing up bowl(s)/tea towels/washing up gloves and kettle Hackspace Hackspace Transport For morning coffee - Mike and Betty to sort
Whiteboards Betty Hackspace Transport
Whiteboard / Flip Chart Mike H His own car
M95 masks 30 - 50 Hackspace Transport
Wipes and Cleaning Materials To purchase Hackspace Transport Makro
Whiteboard Markers To purchase Hackspace Transport For whiteboards
First Aid Kit Team Storage Hackspace Transport
Hackspace Banner Team Storage Hackspace Transport
Gaffer tape Hackspace Hackspace Transport
Power cables Hackspace Hackspace Transport
Lighting for Tent Hackpace - to check Hackspace Transport Betty also has some
Projector Graham Hackspace Transport VGA and HDMI input only
Marquee Betty Hackspace Transport Also sheet for displaying projector (or can do it on side of tent)
Events Shelter Hackspace - to find Hackspace Transport Used for events. Not a full Gazebo but good for cover. (Note: I think we've lost this!)
Robot Arena Steve B / Hackspace Team Storage Hackspace Transport Used for Foobot event (assuming NOC don't veto it).
Fire Pit Andrew A Andrew For the village. Betty has provided wood (in van)
Water Carrier Andrew A Hackspace Transport


A bunch of us are giving talks and/or doing workshops, because we like to hear the sound of our own voices.

Also we'll be doing Nottinghack village workshops. Note below if you're doing it for the village or generally. The rota for the village will be arranged with those doing the workshops based on their availability so add that if you can.

Talk/Workshop/Event Name Person Workshop Tent Duration and Times It Can Notes
Pop Up Cafe Mike Haber/ Betty Ching / Hackspace Yes Mornings 9 - 10AM Friday, Saturday, Sunday (may be we can start a bit earlier?) It was hard to get a coffee 'early' at the last EMF. We can do a pop up cafe. This uses the workshop tent for seating for an hour, then after Snackspace will be generally available with a few seats and potentially more serve-yourself
Barbot Andrew Armstrong and Ben and others Yes 3 hours, 9PM to midnight; Friday, Saturday evenings Barbot is a robotic bartender that makes cocktails. Donations will be taken for the project, but the drinks are free!
Badge Making / Soldering Workshops Andrew Armstrong and hopefully someone else Yes 1 hour, 10AM on Friday and Sunday Badge making using badge kits and soldering irons, simple little kits for adults and children to learn basic soldering. There is a small cost to buy the kits themselves.
Mixed RPGs - Dungeon Crawl Classics and D&D Steve Barnett (Dungeon Crawl Classics) Andrew Armstrong (D&D) Yes 3 hours Saturday 6 - 9PM Dungeon Crawl Classics - Easy to get started and very freewheeling and chaotic.

D&D - Short intro to D&D for all ages

May put out a request "Run your RPG game here for 3 hours (barbot may start in earnest though later)" by contacting Andrew or showing up willing to DM.

Just Draw the Thing Mike Haber Yes 1 Hour Friday 2PM JDTF - Draw your Ideas - Pictures have lots more bandwidth than words alone. Learn ways to visually share your ideas for fun profit and to generate better ideas. Suitable for all no drawing experience required. Pens and paper provided. Bring ideas you'd like to draw.
Why Feedback Sucks and what to do about it. Mike Haber Yes 1 Hour, 2PM - 3PM Saturday Why Feedback Sucks, An interactive nerd out of all the different meanings of the word feedback and how we can do feed back better. Suitable for all, however you define feedback. You've leave being better equipped to react when someone asks for or offers feedback.
Origami Lanterns Betty Ching Yes 2 Hours Midday - 2PM, Friday and Sunday, can be drop-in Betty - workshop; origami Lantern with LEDs for all age, kids friendly
FooBot Steve Barnett Yes 2 hours - Saturday Midday - 2PM - signup or tickets maybe Robot Table Football/Foosball game. Come along and play or spectate. Preferably bring a mobile phone to control your robot with.
Story Twine Alex Roberts Yes 2 hours - 3PM on Saturday laptop required Choose your own adventure games in Twine - laptop required
Sharpie Heist - Yes Saturday Morning 6AM Self explanatory

Things in the gazebo only:

Talk/Workshop/Event Name Person Location Duration and Times It Can Notes
Urban Confessionsal Mike Haber Gazebo 1hr - not full workshop, going to go in Gazebo - timing flexible (afternoon/evening) We can run a listening event like https://urbanconfessional.org
Daytime Snackspace, Tea and Coffee General Gazebo

Other potential ideas but shelved for now:

Talk/Workshop/Event Name Person Location Duration and Times It Can Notes
Board Games Andrew Armstrong (and helpers?) Not set 3-4 hours Probably late afternoon board game period. May involve D&D for beginners too. May just run this for friends when time is spare.


List of things people are bringing to display/have used in the tent. We are having a small gazebo next to a workshop tent (1) we are helping run things in. We may do a fire pit in the camp area.

Our area on the map: https://map.emfcamp.org/

Our village page over there: https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Village:Nottinghack

Emf 2022 workshop tent 1.PNG

(new info) we're probably a 3x3 gazebo with a fire pit area nearby, and next to Workshop Tent 1

Item Person Description
Snackspace Andrew A and Mike H Snackspace needs organising but will possibly be a "pay into a box or use your card here" deal will need further discussion so someone isn't stuck looking after it.
Morning Coffee Mike Haber Have proper pressed coffee in the mornings for people as part of Snackspace
Lighting Graham and Ben's kit Evening lighting (barbot time) using Ben's kit - DMX interfacing using a custom board
Candy Crane Machine dispensing curios Kate Bolin
Flipchart/Whiteboard on stand Mike Haber Good for writing messages and signs for the village

Barbot - will be stored in Gazebo and maybe the Workshop tent depending on size

Nottinghack Village Volunteers

We'll probably do a rough rota for the Nottinghack Village and snackspace so it is hopefully manned most of the daytime to show off projects and assist with Snackspace.

We'd not leave anyone running a workshop alone if at all possible, and if they are we'd otherwise close the tent.

Person Availability (Day, time) Notes
Andrew Armstrong Every day, all times Will be covering Barbot on some evenings and helping the workshop tent.
Michael Erskine Michael Erskine (talk) unsure I will help with Barbot and various other things.

What to Bring

Here are some ideas of things you might want to bring with you.

Item Reason
Decent quality long extension lead If you want power to your tent from the centralised power. 20M reel would be recommended to be sure.
4-way extension lead or similar Plugs will be limited, bring to ensure you have enough for your devices
Money Money can buy food and/or beverages
Teacup Having your own teacup you can re-use will help us out
Medication Bring your own pain killers/hangover cures, we do not supply this! First aiders will be on site.
Camping Chairs Chairs have been ordered for village use, bring your own to guarantee a place to sit and for your own tent.
Long Ethernet cable If you want ethernet in your tent
USB cables The EMF badge charges via USB-C you'll probably want some for your own devices
Torch It gets dark at night
Rubber Mallet To help put up your own tent and others
Drinks There is a bar but you might want to bring spirits or other drinks for yourself.
Snacks To keep your going between meals
Toiletries Stuff to wash with, towels, toothbrush etc.
Raincoat and Wellies It will probably rain at some point and it's in a field
Sun Cream There might be sun at some point and you'll be outdoors
Bug Spray It's near water and some people have tasty blood
Jumpers, Jacket and Hoodies It will be cold at night and you'll be outdoors
Painkillers E.g. Paracetamol/Ibuprofen. Some people get ill, some get hangovers. These are cheap, small and occasionally necessary.


Nottinghack Projects

If you're planning to do a project to take to EMF 2022 and might want to collaborate with others or group together for transport etc, please consider adding a page to this section.

  • BarBot - Mouse and volunteers ran BarBot. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. They needed at least three people during the event and one coordinator/planner pre- and during the event.

Previous EMF Projects

  • Wunderkammer in 2018 setup by Kate in our small village
  • Fire Pong - Nottinghack collaboration resulting in an attraction involving fire, giant ping pong bats and 1-D pong. Enormously popular.