EMF Camp 2022/EMF Meeting 2022-02-16

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EMF meeting slightly on zoom for a bit on the 16th.

EMF attendees

Please add yourself to the EMF Camp 2022 page if you're attending!

  • James Spence can do some stuff
  • Ben is coming - barbot!

EMF Village Workshop Ideas

  • Stop motion animation - Gareth suggesting (not going) so might be able to help
    • Lex might build a big red button to snap a picture - spacebar - that activates the stop motion camera
      • Other controls - play/stop/restart etc.
    • Gareth could possibly demo at the space
    • Workshop to start doing it
  • Never ending sandwich by Mike Haber or Worlds Tallest sandwich
  • Mug Printing Workshop - Mike Haber
    • Should be something in team storage needs special inks - needs a PC setup for it though with the right way to do it.
    • Wiki page: Mug_Presses
  • Egg Bot might be another thing - can print things onto eggs - may need to find it might have been in craft room. - Gareth
  • Doodle Wall - big sheets of hardboard - paint them white and sharpies and paint to add to it. - Gareth
    • "Share your favourite bits of EMF!" - communal artwork
    • Buy rubbish pens! or have a stock of sharpies ready.
      • Some suggestions of having them connected to chains, wood, blocks of stuff to not be stolen. - James Spence
    • School based paint
    • Hand print - EMF cave painting
      • This might need some serious cleaning!
  • Battle bots - Steve - may need some upgrades
  • Morning Cafe / Coffee - Mike Haber - coffee boiler - let's find it! Need then just some coffee and tea.
  • Run a listening service for an hour - Mike Haber - https://urbanconfessional.org/#listen-partner
    • Might go well with the (morning) cafe experience Gareth suggests

Future Meetings

  • Full day on Sunday in March