EMF Camp 2022/EMF Meeting 2022-05-10

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Going down transport:

  • People seem good on transport
  • Van with Graham (full sized transit van) - Monday night - Tuesday heading down
    • Can grab things out the van whenever on site but Graham will leave things like Barbot in Workshop Tent 1 which will be "ours"
    • Coming back Monday, Sunday evening is a full evening, unload Monday evening
  • Classroom for items to take, at the back

Things to transport:

Workshop Tent and our Village:

  • Betty can bring in a 3x3m gazebo with sides
  • Order 4 tables and 10 chairs from EMF
  • Workshop tent workshop tent 1 just at the top of camping B - https://map.emfcamp.org/


  • See main page
  • No printer for MUG workshop sadly

Other bits and bobs:

  • May bring PS2 - Betty, Mike