Energy Monitoring

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Energy Monitoring
Primary Contact 'RepRap' Matt
Created 09/12/2011
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Using XRF modules, plan is to mount one onto the LED Matrix Arduino and use the spare cpu power there as HOST
XRF on pro to board (or custom PCB) in cupboard hooked up to the 3 OWL CT clamps that are already installed
Custom firmware on the XRF (variant of the AP protocol) that will sample the analogue convert to power readings and transmit reading to HOST XRF,
AP packet from XRF to be converted and forwarded via MQTT

Old Notes

  • Current transformers in place, forgot to note down models
  • Owl wireless meter? Not much use if can talk to USB over Linux
  • Nanode
  • Open energy monitor show voltage sense using 9v ac-ac wall wart (?need one for each phase?)
  • Push to cacti
  • Query form irc
  • Possible led display either flashed on led matrix or own display allways on?
    • plausible way to do CT monitor using 2 RFM12B nuts, would mean not stuffing a nanode in the cupboard and losing access to spare pins