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A list of ideas for things we can do to make the Hackspace even better.

The first Sunday of each month - suggested at the September 2012 open board meeting.

Tuesday evenings in May - an opportunity to tackle some of these before the Open Day.

Workshop Tools - Sorting / Labelling / Storage etc.

Allen Keys. Make (CNC?) tray(s) to fit tool drawers.
Blades, small knives - to Tool Drawers. Different container for Stanley Knives (so you don't have to stick your hand into a black pit of knives).
DONE Sort / Evaluate Chisels. Discard any that are only fit for lifting floorboards.
DONE (now in drawer) Make Chisels Stand - so that they are not damaged by being thrown into a tub.
Drillbit sort and store
Make Drill Bit Stand
Make pattern for standardised holders. Tooldrawer + trays for backup stock and oddities.
DONE Pegboard toolrack for metalworking bench area.
Say 18" high, over the top of the blockboard back panel?
Pegboard rack in Electronics bay, to hold test leads, cables, etc.
DONE (now in mushroom tray) Hole Saws, Make tray for storing these. N.B. large arbor + saw needs special attention, as these cannot be included in a tooldrawer, which would be the obvious place for the saws themselves.
Sort and discard unusable ones.
Sharpen where possible.
Pillar Drill Belt Replacement [DONE Dclarke]
Labelling equipmenmt / tools
Various possibilities. Including colour-coding different sizes of bits / keys etc.
Tool and Machinery photos / catalogue
Some interesting and useful tools are not on open view - for instance under the metalwork bench. Get these (roughly) set up and photographed to that wiki pages can be generated for them.
Assigning equipment / tools to 'experts'
Make known who can be approached for knowledge about using some of the more serious tools. e.g. The Laser Cutter and Lathe already have induction courses, but some other items (Welding / CNC / etc.) may need the name of an 'expert' to approach before use.
Donated Grinding Wheel
Restore (Needs a new cable, re-assembly) + new grinding wheels (purchase when we have funds).
Old Hand Tools
Identify unusable items and discard.
Old Power Tools
Identify unusable items and discard / break for scrap metal.
Try and identify tools that work but for the lack of battery / charger.
There is a 24V NiCd battery pack and charger, apparently working, bit no tool to go with it. Suggestions?
There is (mysteriously?) a 'fern' belt sander, which has an 'OK' sticker on the plug and works, exceps that there is a tootheg-belt pulley missing from inside. Anyone know where this is?
Tape Dispensers
Find a location for, and fit, a bench-stand / cutter for 2" parcel tape.
Spanners - buy / select a set for general use as well as the set for Bicycle Maintenance, [DONE Dclarke] and add a suitable rack to the general toolboard.
Re-Fit the big toolboard.
Add tool outlines to encourage correct return
Redistribute toolboard tools - some to second 'Metal / Mechanics' area.
Hex Toolbits storage

Workshop and Craft Consumables

Some of these already have their own storage. Things like screw / nuts / bolts are in some cases in need of additional storage / drawers and further sorting of mixed into separate.
StanleyKnife blades
Junior Hacksaw blades
Coping Saw blades
Mitre Saw blades
Band Saw blades
Grinding Discs
Sanding Discs
Wood Glue
Epoxy Glue
Masking Tape
Gaffer Tape
Parcel Tape
Machine Screws, nuts, washers
Nuts and Bolts

General Infrastructure

Network points.
Blue room
Some cables partly run, need securing and terminating.
Cable run feeding over-the-table box - needs securing / tidying up.
Cables to provide points near the laser cutter, over the CNC bench and toward the rear door on the back wall are already partly run. Needs completing (cable tie bases need purchsing to allow this).
Games Pillar.
Provide outlet box and two circuits in this area.
Blue room table cups for legs
The table is a bit wobbly. Rather, the table isn't but there is a lack of floor under the outer-end legs, adding MDF discs (like castor cups, but bigger) will steady it. [ONGOING Dclarke]
Lighting: Over the lathe / welding bench (HF gear required?) [DONE - Tom]
Lighting: Electronics Bench.
Draught Proofing
Identify and mark, window frames that need repairs / installation of permanent draught proofing. e.g. window by the toolboard, where daylight can be seen where no daylight ough to shine.
Extractor Fan : Do we need one?
Metalwork bench back curtain.
Needs re-hanging so that it drops between the metalwork bench and the CNC bench, rather than as at present. We have some wire rope that will make a better curtain track, so the tarpaulin can be opened up when not necessary.[DONE DavidC + JamesH]


Electronic Components.
Continue to bag and label. [ONGOING Dclarke]
Assign to storage when we know what there is.
Integrated circuit store and catalogue [ONGOING Dclarke]

: Make 'Feet' for Green IC Chest to lift this a finger-height off the worktop so that the lowermost tray is usable. [DONE Dclarke]

Semiconductor ('tube') stock. Complete shortening of tubes, Assign and Label drawers, Backup stock (full tubes) - sort into davpack boxes.
PCB drilling instructions card
Create a colour / double-sided A4 sheet (to laminate) giving the information needed for safe and successful PCB drilling.
PCB manufacture instruction card
Create a colour / double-sided A4 sheet (to laminate) giving safety and process details for PCB etching with the equipment at the Hackspace.

Raw Materials

Metal store - Sort
Sorting is underway, but possible needs some more tubs to divide up the various materias and shapes.
Separated into Aluminium and Steel.
Rods / Sheets / Bits
Plastics / paper storage
Mucky trays - Clean
We still have a number of plastic bins which need cleaning before using around the space.
Wood store - Sort
We have bays for vertical storage of battens, floorboards and similarly shaped wood, and also large sheet material.
There is now a trolley which will take smaller sheets on its top, dividen for easy selection. The lower section of this has a tray for still smaller pieces of sheet wood / ply MDF etc.
We need to sort out the large stock of 'bigger' / 'chunkier' pieces, so that they can be identified and used more easily.
We now have a number of stacking Cabbage Trays, and I have started to sort the smaller / chunkier tiber into them. Categories suggested are 2x1 & 3x1, 2x2 etc, Stripwood, MDF, Plywood, Hardwood. Half an evening is now all that's needed to finish tidying up this eyesore area.[DONE DavidC + JamesH]
Unsorted Stuff - a section of the workshop storage? Invite (and give instructions for) how to sort into useful tubs.

Waste Management, Cleaning, Etc.

Clean / Sweep floors.
a) Use a brush in the studio / comfy area to sweep the entire area, gathering up dust and rubbish, and move it towards the wall between the blue room and the Kitchen.
b) Sweep the floor in the Kitchen and Bathroom similarly, towards the doorways of those rooms.
Vacuum the carpet in the Lobby / Airlock and Blue Room, and then use the vacuum to pick up the accumulated dust from a) and b)
Mop floors
See Cleaning the hackspace#Mopping the floors.
Refill paper towel holders
If stocks are getting low - let someone know (James: is it you that needs to know?)
Yes, but would we prefer the blue roll? James
Empty / ReBag Bins
Take the full bags down to the bin area in the basement.
Take for recycling Card / Glass / Cans
When the tubs fill up, use the various 'Green' (and Yellow) bags to take to local recycling collection points (see Waste and Recycling Initiative#Nearby recycling points).
The steel cans tub may then need rinsing out (1/2 a kettle of hot water + disinfectant will help keep it sweet)
Aluminium cans to Scrap area.
When the tub becomes full, and a binliner can be filled, using lightweight liners is OK.
First make sure that there are no steel cans in the tub by using the magic wand to stir the cans and extract attractive ones.

Repairs and renovations

: Fix / Re-hang blind in comfy area. :: This hs been re-hung, but doe not retract as it needs tensining. ::: An instruction video covering installation and tensioning a similar ::: blind are at http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=513 [DONE Dclarke]

Repair donated PA amplifier for Hackspace / Events use.
This was damaged (Lemonade or similar flooded the internals), but should be repairable.
Pat is doing this, and has started cleainign the main board and has ordered the 'special' amplifier IC; other parts which may be needed are commodity items that we may have or can be obtained locally.
Screen fabric into dust sheeting.
The hospital screen frame has been fitted with welding-proof material for use to shield other 'space users when welding is done. The original floral fabric can be trimmed and used for dust sheets to cover delicate equipment when dirty work is carried out. For example the laser cutter area when the circular saw is in use.


#### #### #### / ###
##### #### ########
##### / ##########
### #### ########

Storage / Use of space

Airconditioner? What to do?
Portable Air conditioner? ditto (works, but needs castors fixing).

: Store away the bubble wrap roll [DONE Dclarke]

Main storage rack
Create a HowTo / Instruction card (laminated colour A4) defining a philosophy for this area.
Shelving / Storage in studio - general purpose supplies (glues, tapes etc.) Leave the workshop area for more 'industrial' supplies.

Hacks for the 'space

Can Crusher
I have a design for a superior, wooden, can crusher which is in process of being made. [ONGOING Dclarke]

Bigger Things

Spray Booth.
Planning underway - Max
Potters Wheel - Received recently on long-term loan.
We need to plan a space for this. Should it have a floor covering that can easily be mopped?
Kiln - Received recently on long-term loan.
We need to plan a space for this. Is smoke involved? - if so, should it share extraction facilities with the spray booth or is it better to keep them apart?
How much power does it use? Do we need a special 'donations box' to collect an hourly charge for usage? What rate?

Donations Area

Cull older donations to 'pending scrap' area.
Scrap even older donations

Members' Storage Stuff

Old / Stock PCs
Limit quantity to those that will fit on the RedCabinet - Older / less capable ones to be migrated to donations / for parts.