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General points and notes

As the hackspace has grown so has the amount of waste generated, additional waste collections and periodic skip hire are very expensive, please think carefully about the waste you generate and consider to take home what you make for domestic recycling if it's safe and practicable to do so. This page explains how waste is recycled or disposed by the hackspace.

Paint, wood finish and chemicals

The metal cabinet near the spray booth can be used for paint, varnishes etc anything stored in there is free to use, unless it is very specifically labeled and part of an active product. Please note the hackspace does have to pay commercial rates for disposal of anything left unused as such please take any unwanted or exhausted material away with you.

Waste collection, Bizspace wheelie bins

The Bizspace bins are currently located on Liverpool Street and are intended for crushable domestic Waste see, cleaning the hackspace.


Sorting the rubbish by material.

There is no organised removal of recyclables and is dependent on teams and individual members periodically removing the stuff from the space under there own initiative and goodwill. Nottingham hackspace encourages recycling, this can be the re-use of materials in the various materials bins in the electronics area and the main workshop, including for purposes other than for which they were originally intended. Anything placed in the Waste is fair game, including and most commonly, the laser and Wood offcut hoppers.

kitchen recyclables and waste

There are four receptacles in the kitchen for commonly recycled materials. Please optimise space in the receptacle by crushing and cutting stuff up wherever possible. Also, take care with messy greasy food cartons such as Piza boxes, which are not recyclable. Other items may need processing, such as labels removing and rinsing out for good practice.

Metal and workshop waste

Other materials can be weighed In at Scrap Merchants, again there is no formal process for this and is reliant on volunteers taking the initiative

Nearby recycling points

This map shows the location of the nearby recycling points (the closest is in Aberdeen Street car park, which accepts: mixed glass, mixed paper, tins and drink cans, and plastic bottles).

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Materials are a valuable resource and waste is to be strongly discouraged. In fact, most of the Hackspace's resources are recovered from "waste" (and a lot of that by me! User:Msemtd). Even a small piece of scrap metal, wood, or plastic may be exactly what somebody needs for their project. As long as we know where to look -- we are a chaos-reducing organisation: sorting and categorising -- put wood with the wood, put metal with the metal!

"What can be recycled?" A surprising amount! Refer to the Nottingham City Council pages for those things that we can have collected.

I have a wood burning stove at home and it has no problem with pizza boxes! I'll take things away on those days I have transport.

I need to find out the waste collection arrangements with BizSpace --Michael Erskine 10:24, 27 May 2011 (BST)

I need to obtain/make a food waste collecting bin and arrange for its regular removal.

Aluminium cans are taken to scrap merchants to raise funds (enough to cover the cost of delivering them). There is a magnet wand next to the can-crusher which can be used to separate steel from aluminium cans.