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Induction on the laser Cutter/Engraver

A small team of people will be conducting induction sessions on the new laser cutter/engraver at Nottingham Hackspace. The instructors will be undertaking these sessions in their own spare time, so it cannot be guaranteed that someone will always be available. Pledge drive people will be taking priority.

Laser inductions are one-on-one sessions. You may bring a small laser project if you wish though you must check that your materials are suitable for a laser cutting or etching. Otherwise your instructor will talk you through a few techniques, to demonstrate the process whilst determining that you can safely operate the laser. Inductions cost £20.

Also see the LaserCut software; you can use the demo and Inkscape to create projects before you do an induction.

Induction Program

If you have a small project in mind we can use it as part of the induction but please check that the materials you have in mind are suitable for use in the laser - the wrong materials can cause noxious fumes that can permanently damage the mirrors or extraction system, or running the tube too hot drastically shortens it's lifespan. The induction is primarily to make sure that the laser is operated safely, to keep costs low. For example, a spare laser tube can cost in the region of £400 and a new set of mirrors £250 - the hackspace can't afford to be replacing these every month!

The induction will include:

  • Setting up and Switching on safely
  • Testing alignment of the laser
  • Introduction to the cutting software
  • Setting up your XY axis, placing your work piece and checking the draw frame
  • Engraving
  • Cutting
  • Suitable file types and how to convert them
  • Shutting down

For inductors: Induction Program

Laser Instructors

Please do not contact people on this list directly, instead add yourself to the wiki below and you will be contacted by Andrew Armstrong regarding a booking time. Pledge donators will take priority and have been sent the relevant information.

People who are authorised to give inductions:

  • Dominic Morrow - Monday to Friday evening (6PM - 12 middnight), Thursday (10AM - 12AM)
  • James Hayward - Evenings in advance (5:30PM onwards), Weekends (except Sunday lunchtime).
  • Jake Howe - First Monday of the month (12AM-8PM), other Monday of the month , 12AM-4PM Wednesday
  • Andrew Armstrong - Whatever I sort myself.
  • Matt Little - Flexible (daytime and evening okay), no weekends
  • Michelle Strickland - Thursday (7PM - 11PM)

To be trained for inductions:

  • James Fowkes - First week except Tuesday (6PM - 11PM), else on later weeks, no Thursday (also no weekends)

Laser Induction Sign-Ups

This list has been cleared to allow for inductions (IND - when new to the laser) and Conversions (CON - when you've used the old red laser) to be arranged. Inductions on the original A4 (red) laser are NOT valid on the new laser cutter but experienced users can be converted (CON). Please indicate which session type you require.

Name Pledger Paid Date of induction CON/IND Instructor Complete
Ben Millen No No TBA CON TBA No
Iain Sharp No No TBA CON TBA No
Ben Crowe Yes No 27th May? IND TBA No
Ric Briney Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Declan Merry No No TBA IND TBA No
Matt Spandex Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Chris Cain Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Steve Barnett Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Mouse Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Matt Pritchard Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Ed Raisin Yes Yes - recently had small laser induction 23-27th any time? - thanks CON TBA No
Mark Cambridge No No TBA IND TBA No
Ian Dickinson Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Adam Cooper No Yes - recently had small laser induction TBA CON TBA No
Betty Ching Yes Yes TBA CON TBA No
John Crouchley Yes No TBA CON TBA No
Ian Evans Yes No TBA IND TBA No
Johnmichael Quinlan No No TBA IND TBA No
Andy Collins Yes No TBA IND TBA No
Jon Woodcock Yes No TBA IND TBA No
Derek Stonall Yes No TBA IND TBA No
David Hayward Yes No TBA CON TBA No