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The induction program is there to ensure a new user can use the laser cutter safely and effectively.

You do not need to follow this step by step, but should include all of the material when running an induction. Inductions will use up your laser time initially. To get this time back onto your card, please TO DO some steps to go here

Setting up safety

  • Use of Laser safe materials ONLY
  • laser(at) email address for any problems
  • Explain parts of the machine
  • PC Password
  • RFID
  • Is everything on?
    • Chiller should always be on
  • Things to be aware of
    • z-axis
    • emergency stop - make sure they use it
    • control panel - know who is using it

Control Panel

  • The importance of Esc
  • Start/Pause
  • Stop
  • Datum
  • Test area
  • Laser

Introduction to LaserCut

  • Starting - DownloadCFG
  • Explain file types (DXF, ECP)
  • Workspace
  • Origin - Blue dot
  • Drag - blue line is normal
  • Selected items is always red
    • Contrasts to layer colour
    • Unite lines
      • Tolerance
  • Import DXF
  • Layers
    • Moving items to layers
    • Move up/down
    • Setting power, speed, type for Cut and Engrave
      • 65% soft maximum
      • Engrave scan gaps: 0.085 for 300dpi (roughly)

Setting up your XYZ axis

  • Moving the head
  • Focusing the bed

Cutting & Engraving

  • Calculate - show problems
  • Immediate
    • On = Relative
    • Off = Absolute
  • DownLoad
    • Del All - always!
    • DownloadCFG
    • Download current - puts stuff on cutter
  • Control Panel - Start!

Shutting down

  • Removing items and rubbish from bed
  • Closing up
  • Hitting sign out
  • Shut down the computer

Admin and booking

  • Show Wiki pages
  • Explain for any issues
  • Show booking system
    • Allowed to a booking up to 2 hours long
    • Cannot make another booking until the first passed/cancelled
  • Show how to make payments
    • With emailed invoice
    • With cash into reader