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I have obtained two non-functional decommissioned Lockheed Martin M270 MLRS Fire Control Panels (don't ask!) and I plan to change their purpose slightly from destroying things (up to 40 miles away!) to dispensing salad ("Rocket Launcher" - geddit?)

MLRS-2015-05-25 18.00.06.jpg

All the components (on the primary unit) that do self-test seem to be working: the lamps, etc. The control PC hard drive is missing (bah!).

I spent a couple of evenings working on the second unit and focussing on the plasma screen: it has a built-in VT320 terminal -- or is it more correct to say that it IS a VT320 terminal? Anyhow, I failed to get anything up on the screen. I removed the bezel that masked off the top line (which took a bit of dismantling - I should have took photos!) and then the glorious blinking orange block cursor could be seen. The high pitched noise from the screen was really quite apparent but not too unpleasant to my middle-aged, gig-battered ears.

My terminal test setup was just my laptop with a Prolific USB-Serial adapter and a 9-way to 25-way D connector into the "host" port on the screen unit. With a bit of tty help (thank's Hazel!) I tried all the usual baud rates and a few other settings but nothing appeared on the screen. Now I had been told by one of the engineers who worked on the project that the system just talked to the screen over RS232 but not exactly how! I remember from my years working on the various VT terminals on the VAX at Trent Poly that there is a setup mode to most terminals. There is also a keyboard socket on the back of the unit which is a 5 pin DIN. I tried an old AT PC keyboard and didn't expect it to do anything but was still a bit disappointed when nothing happened!

New Purpose: Salad Launcher

This is all going to be new-build stuff which I plan to do for the 2015 Crap-o-thon. Projectile work is fun and there are many options but my goals are all about the salad and reusing certain bits of kit I have found. The replaced Raspberry Pi B+ from the Bartop Defender is a good base processor and a fake Chinese Arduino Due for all the I/O is a good re-use too. I have a few flight cases (all skip finds) that will be good for taking the kit to events, and I plan to use at least one of those as the body for the MLRS rocket unit.

Lettuce as a projectile

Lettuce and other salad leaves are entirely unsuitable for use as projectiles. However, weaponising otherwise healthy food is my life's work.

MLRS-2015-05-26 21.33.56.jpg

And to my detractors and would-be critics: you have such short memories! Do you not remember the glorious successes of my War-Raisins and Tactical Combat Bagel?