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Small off-grid for the garden...

Plus the solar rig built at hackspace.

Project Plans: -

  • achievement awards for hackers
    • gentle path for acquiring skills
    • "You have unlocked a new achievement"
    • badges, certificates, icons!
      • laser induction
      • woodworking tools induction
      • sewing/knitting machine
      • welding and metalwork
      • circuit design and etch-tank
  • Workshop: Electronics From Scratch is Easy - a Nottingham Hackspace geek's introduction to electronics and why you can do it!

Fabrication - object printing

  • T-shirt printing
    • Culture references
    • "Outside Context Problem"
    • "Special Circumstances"
    • "I can't believe it's not better"
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC machine
    • MyDIYCNC
    • Martin's CNC machine
  • 3d Printing with RepReap
  • just laser printing
  • circuit board etching

First use of laser cutter: -

IRC Bots

Various AI

Logging and statting

Who's in web indicator

Hackspace is ON/OFF web indicator


  • Weigh components!
  • New base, new alu motor brackets
  • Motors: test drive commands with PWM enable line - power from AA batt pack
  • test MICRO LED
  • volume control from command line sudo /etc/acpi/ ??
  • shutdown eeePC from command line "sudo shutdown now"
  • IP publish with wget
  • test voice recognition
  • new Java code on eeepc: add Mapping class
    • choose a grid size and calculate the requirements for navigating the Hackspace - could do dynamic map and discovery
    • "Unexpected item in the bagging area"
    • "Somebody move this wall"
    • "Somebody move this person" (PIR detection required)
  • When no goal start mapping the room
  • Work on the IRC module
  • ad-hoc commands using bean method introspection or BeanShell scripts

LED NTI board

Lie bot (

Joule Thief

I have a 2N3704 transistor (rather than a 2N3904) so the Base, Collector, and Emitter of this NPN are in different locations...

I also have a regular 2xAA battery holder which somebody has hacked and is slightly melted on one side! I will use this as a single AA battery holder. So my toroid centre tap goes to battery +ve.

Project first build complete (with on/off switch) - upload pictures to the various feeds.

There's now a Joule Thief workshop!

Plan a multiple build with the various found components. I cracked open the ballast electronics of a broken CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp - an energy saving light bulb) to get at the ferrite and NPN transistor that live in there! I got a nice-sized ferrite toroid and an MJE13001 NPN transistor (these things seem to be in most CFLs).

I wound the ferrite toroid with a pair of fine wires stripped from a PC CD drive audio cable and managed to get 7 winds neatly in there.

BTW: here's a good write-up on CFL electronics:

My random NPN transistors: -

  • BCY71 in a TO18 can PDF
  • 2N4123 in a TO-92 plastic package PDF
  • 2N2222A in a TO18 can PDF

Battery casings: -

  • light-up Santa - lots of room inside - primed for hilarity
  • Quartz clock - small and handy - shall do this one first
  • plain 2x AA battery holder - boring - done that!

Vikay LCD module

Also other LCD and VFD displays


Dominic's catch phrase!

  • but DONE is not well defined!
    • I prefer DONE RIGHT!
      • but DONE RIGHT is not well defined!
  • but MORE is not well defined!
    • MORE stuff to do? MORE problems?
  • I don't think this works or me!
    • but WORKS is not well defined!
  • ad-nausium...

As a phrase I just wasn't getting this at all - it only made sense if you already know what's behind it.


EGA displays

Tattooing Skill Share

  • workshop to fit the level of the attendees
  • touch on the theory, science, history, cultural significance, of skin marking
  • no humans will be tattooed!
    • bring a grapefruit or thin-skinned orange - this will be our "customer"
    • this will free us to concentrate on the mechanics
    • removes the need for a massive portion of the essential education in tattooing: steralisation
    • touch on cross-contamination
  • modern tattooing in a "shop" environment
  • the Huck Spalding book
  • inks, pigments
  • needle groupings for lining, shading, fine-line, special effects, etc.
    • laying in the colour
  • skin normalisation and stretching
  • healing and scarring

Festivus 2014

  • Magpie Best ale ordered from Bob Douglas 05-12-2014
  • David Clarke kindly collected from the brewery (paid from Hackspace cash)
  • cash to be collected from pledge and paid into Hackspace account
Who How Much Paid Method Paid Drunk?
Michael E £10 Y Cash to Michael (hold on, how does this work?) gimme a minute
Mouse £10 Y Cash to Michael Not Yet
Spencer Owen £10
Chelim Yrneh (Michel) £5
Dominic £20 Y BACS
Ian Dickinson £10 Y Cash to Michael (16/12/2014)
Chunky £10 Y Cash to Michael (16/12/2014)

Tools Info

One day in Jan 2016 an enthusiastic brand new member was working on a project and asked me how I would cut something accurately. We had a talk about the options and we looked at the bandsaws one by one - they were all out of order. I tried to find out about the various statuses online and where I could find/get spare blades The wiki tool lists are out of date (understandably!) and not maintained (e.g. Tools/We_Have has no mention of 4 of our bandsaws) - searches find lots of old pages that nobody needs.

What people want to see is a live status page for the major fixed-down tools - the tools team can keep this reviewed and up to date. For reporting problems, I'd like to see a quick means that doesn't need a computer: -

  • Have a physical rfid box with say 6 buttons on it.
  • Member scans Rfid and presses button for broken tool.
  • Magic happens and tools team is informed via slack.
  • Member can be emailed for more information
  • Website hms tool status page is magically updated with red cross against tool
  • Github issue is magically opened to track the problem


Badges for No Ditching