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==Trouble shooting==
==Trouble shooting==
[[Image:Ryobi blade gudie.jpg|thumb|Ryobi blade guide]]
[[Image:Ryobi blade gudie.jpg|thumb|Ryobi blade guide]]

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Ryobi Bandsaw
Ryobi Bandsaw.jpg
Manufacturer Ryobi
Model RBS-5518
Location Dusty Area
Team Woodworking
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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The Ryobi Bandsaw is the space's smaller bandsaw for cutting wood, thicker plastic and modelling foam.


Trouble shooting

Ryobi blade guide

The blade guide can fall out prevent smoothing cutting. Put out of order sign on the tool and report it using this form, or send an email to tools@nottinghack.org.uk reporting the breakage.

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