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Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Model {{{model}}}
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Location [[{{{location}}}]]
Team Tools
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Status Defunct
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All arguments are optional, but you should have at least 1 (ideally more). Don't worry about the way it looks on this page: that's purely because no arguments are specified.


Inserting the following text at the top of the tool page will produce an information box on your page that gives an overview of the tool. Arguments can be written in any order.

Images look great with this template, include one if you can!

Abbreviated parameter list:



An image, in the format File:<image name>.<ext>. DO NOT include the [[]] brackets otherwise the image will display full size.
The name of the maker of the tool
The model number of the tool. Please be as exact as possible.
How the tool was obtained (i.e. pledge drive, donation, etc)
Date obtained, use format DD/MM/YYYY. If day or month is unknown use 01.
Where the tool is located in the space. A list of locations is available here: category:Location
Note Note: If the tool has been removed from the space or is located elsewhere, leave the location blank.
Team responsible for looking after tool or equipment. Defaults to 'Tools'. Use name of team only without the 'Team:' prefix or double square brackets. For example, for Team:Laser use use 'team=Laser'. See category:Teams for Team names. For tools not maintained by the space use team=noteam (for example, Risograph GR3750). Noteam also stops location automatically being a wikilink and automatic categorisation by location.
Whether or not an induction is required to use the tool. If required use 'induction=yes'.
If the tool no longer works and/or no longer at the space use 'defunct=yes'
Date defunct use format DD/MM/YYYY. If day or month is unknown use 01.