NuTool Bandsaw

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NuTool Bandsaw
Manufacturer NuTool
Model MAWB0130MA (1988)
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Location Dusty Area
Team Woodworking
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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The NuTool Bandsaw is the space's larger bandsaw for cutting wood.

This saw is prone to vibration. To minimise this make sure that there is no sawdust stuck to the wheels that carry the blade. (remember to unplug the saw before opening the case) Also check that all screws holding the machine parts to the frame are tight. The cover for the motor pulleys at the back tends to oscillate. A wooden wedge between this box and the frame will help.


The machine takes 92.5 inch blade. We usually fit 4tpi x 12.5mm blade. Spare blades hang from a nail next to the machine. If there are no spares please let us know using a broken tools form.

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