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Induction will require a set of two chopping boards. These are easy to obtain and have known dimensions. IKEA has some fairly cheap ones that come in 2packs (one could be used for training, the other one for the inductee to work on to show understanding). This is ideal because it means we know what the raw stock is going to look like every time and we know where it is safe to put clamping points and datum locations; should lead to a smooth induction process.

It is expected that the inductee will have some experience with CNC Routing/Milling on the small CNC Mill prior to operating the SE-CNC-1 Mill.

Outline Plan

Start Induction


  • Point out key features and names for key components
  • Where are the tools and accessories
  • Make it clear what the difference between a Model and G-Code are
  • Provide G-Code and "technical" drawing for induction task showing datums
  • How to turn on the machine
  • Location of E-Stops, any interlocks and safety features
  • PPE - Probably:
    • Safety glasses
    • Hearing Protection

First Chopping Board

  • Inductee is shown how to set up job in machine.
  • Inductee shown software side of the setup
  • Run Job
  • Show inductee in cycle tasks.
    • Stop and resume
    • Tool Changes
    • Resetting Z-height after tool change

Second Chopping board

  • Watch inductee set up the job and provide tips if required
  • Let them have complete control of software
  • Run job
  • Let some of the job run then randomly and without warning hit the e-stop
  • Let inductee resume the job

Asset care

  • Cleaning machine
  • Bin Locations
  • Swarf/ sawdust dumping places

Wrap Up

Any questions

End Induction

Induction Tasks

Task 1