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#REDIRECT [[Team:Resources and Snackspace]]
== Snacks in the kitchen ==
[[Image:Snackspace-snacks.jpg|thumb|none|500px|Snacks for sale.]]
== Fresh fruit ==
[[Image:Free-fresh-fruit.jpg|thumb|none|500px|Fresh fruit on [http://nottinghack.org.uk/?page_id=213 Open Hack Night] is funded by snackspace (and donations)]]
== Snackspace Stocklist ==
Tango Orange<br />
Diet Coke<br />
Coca Cola<br />
Dr Pepper<br />
Pepsi Max<br />
Club Mate<br />
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer<br />
Pot Noodle<br />
Rice Krispies Squares / Marshmallow<br />
Rice Krispies Squares / Rocky Road<br />
<del>Crisps</del><br />
<del>Muesli bars</del<<br />
M&Ms Peanuts<br />
Toffee Crisp<br />
Wine Gums<br />
<del>Smarties</del><br />
<del>TicTacs</del><br />
This list to be updated once regular service returns.
<H1>Requests</H1> (items on the kitchen whiteboard)
== Cleaning the Space ==
Other items that are generally re-stocked from the cash'n'carry at the same time as Snackspace
Dustbin liners
Small bin liners
Paper towels (kitchen)
Paper towels (blue, industrial)
Toilet tissue
Washing-up liquid
Handwash / Antiseptic
Industrial handcleaner.
Dishwasher stuff

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