Welding equipment

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Details of our welding equipment and setup.


We have three welders setup for regular use. Each welder has its own use and techniques. For more details on each welder click below.
MIG welder
ARC welder
TIG welder

Welding Gas

In order to use the MIG and TIG welders we have two bottles of shield gas, these are stored in their own bottle torlles at the back corner of the metal working area and are connected to the welders.
'Please remember to turn gas cylinders off after use.
We have a BOC account for the gas cylinders, there is a regular monthly rental charge for each cylinder. Then we pay a refill and delivery charge per cylinder when we swap an empty for full.
For the TIG we use a Pureshield Argon.
For the MIG we use a Argoshield Light

Support equipment

Various tools and accessories for use when welding.

  • Electronic welding masks
    Our Meteor welding mask.
We have a solar powered automatic welding mask was funded by a pledge drive [1].
There are also two other battery powered automatic welding mask on lone from Russell H
  • Welding aprons
  • Welding gloves
  • Welding screen