ARC welder

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ARC welder
Arc Olympic Bantam.jpg

Manufacturer Olympic
Model Bantam
Location Metalworking Area, Workshop
Team Tools
Induction Required No
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The arc welder is the most basic king of welder, and uses an electrode 'stick' of filler wire. The arc is struck and controlled manually, requiring skill.

Different kinds of filler wire sticks are available with coatings to create a flux suitable for different metal combinations.

Capacity and rating

Users say "very smooth, lots of power".

Power supply

A 32A plug and socket connection is used, with a pushbutton on/off control station and no-volt release. The supply is between phases (415V) allowing a greater welding capacity than previously (when a 13A / 240V supply was used).


Always make sure that the supply is turned off when you finish using this welder. Do a test strike to make sure.