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Yrs3d  (defunct)
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YRS 3D Printer Status and Log

The YRS 3d printer has been rebuilt and recalibrated and is currently available for inductions and printing to Hackspace members. The print accuracy is to within +/- 0.04mm in X and Y.

The easiest way to get inducted is to put a request on the googlegroup mailing list. Inductions are run for "donations" - what it is worth to the member. Some members are already very familiar with 3D printers, others are not. Donations of PLA or ABS filament in 3mm diameter are also very welcome Members can purchase their own printing supplies - one of the most reputable sources is Faberdashery, the link is at the bottom of the page. PLA is the most environmentally friendly and is a bio-plastic made from sugar.

The YRS 3d Printer is being 'lent'/allowed to be completed by the owners the ail is to complete this and then finish the Hackspace owned printer to have a '3d Printer as a tool' available in the space.

The YRS printer is basically complete and can now be used "Standalone". The next development stages are for it to print in ABS and other materials, to have a quick change option for changing materials, and to have a Flex3drive mechanism added to improve maximum printing speed.

Build log available in older versions of this page - for further information on using 3D printers in the Hackspace, please go to this page;-