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Tools team
Started July 2013
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Interesting in helping out? Email or join the "Tools" slack channel.

Scope of operation


The Tools Team (TT) is a volunteer-run team of Nottingham Hackspace (HSNotts) members tasked with identifying the need to purchase new and replacement small tools for the workshop, and to provide input to the consumables and craft teams concerning the need to buy spare parts and to avoid unnecessary duplication across different areas of the Hackspace.


Small Tools are for general use within the workshop or studio, and defined by the agreed budget rather than any specific price-limit per item. Small tools are probably going to cost no more than £25 each in order that a range of workshop disciplines can be addressed each month.

Note Note: 'Small Tools' includes the necessary small storage for tools purchased, for example racks and sets of drawers.


The Tools Team will maintain a list of local and on-line suppliers whose catalogues Tools purchases may be made from local or on-line suppliers, and other sources that appear from time to time. Purchases will be made as and when convenient and cost-effective (e.g. bulking-up on-line orders).

Members of the Tools Team will use their experience to recognise opportunities to increase the range of tools available for general use, taking into account requests posted by the general membership to

The Tools Team will discuss amongst themselves and others to approve the purchase of more specialised tools which may fit within the budget. They may also purchase small parts to complete larger tools, for example when donated but incomplete.

The Tools Team will maintain a list of items purchased on the Wiki.

The Tools Team will maintain an appropriate method of contact (currently by email to "") and a published method of requesting tools.

The Tools Team will hold meetings at least discuss recent purchases to report to the members' meeting, and prospective needs for purchases in the future.


The Tools Team Budget will not exceed £100 monthly unless otherwise agreed by 3 trustees in special circumstances. The Budget is to be evaluated and agreed at a Members' meeting.


The Tools Team will not be responsible for the purchase of larger tools that are considered capital equipment and which may be subject of a pledge drive, nor spare parts for the maintenance of tools (though requirements to purchase these, and suggested sources, will be passed to the Consumable Team for inclusion in that budget)

Requesting tools procedure

For a request to be considered, the following information needs to be provided:

  1. Describe the item? Is a specific make / model / size required?
  2. What is the approximate price?
  3. How generally useful is the item? Is more than one useful to have?
  4. Is there an urgent need (to replace a worn or damaged item) or can the items be put onto a waiting list for consideration when budgets allow?

Funds & Charge cards

FairFX cards are available for team spending. Approval to spend on the card is required from Trustees; contact the appropriate trustee currently responsible for the team.

Reporting to Members Meetings

The Tools Team will have a summary of tools purchased available for each members' meeting, see here.