2019-02-13 Wiki meetup

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The first wiki meetup was devoted to discussing what the wiki is for and ways to improve it.

Summary of discussion

Present: Paul, Mike, Matt, Dan, Jon, Andrew, Jymbob

What is the wiki for?

The wiki is part of the wider documentation process at the space.

It is created by the members for the members. It is a knowledge base that any member can add to.

It is the second place members should look if they have a question about the space (the first being the Members Guide). The wiki contains information beyond the basics and can provide more detail. Sometimes members don't know what they can and can't do. Or don't do something if because they don't know how, for example emptying bins, reporting broken tools etc.

It's a place were members can share information, and document their projects. Projects can be documented by a different member other than the one who created it.

It is public facing and could be useful for sharing information with other hackspaces. There is a international Hackerspaces website that links to the wiki (Nottinghack on Hackerspaces ).

Recording the history of the space.

What is the wiki NOT for

The wiki is not for many kinds of documentation which may not be immediately apparent, such as the space's Rules (https://guide.nottinghack.org.uk), broken tool reporting, recording PAT test results etc.

Structure of wiki

Ideally the wiki should be a kind of 'Russian doll'; with area pages going to sub area pages going to tool or consumable pages - with the details of tools etc. explained.

Wikis have a largely flat structure. Categories provide some structure. The category 'tree' can be traversed from Category:Root and following the sub-categories (a flat list is at special:categories).

User experience

We need to approach the wiki from the point of view of a new member and determine if they could find what they wanted - or ask new members themselves.

We don't want to create a style guide with voicing etc. - but some boiler plate example pages could be helpful.

What to do next

  1. Make a priority clean up list at WikiCleanup.
  2. Meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm to blitz the priority list. If a particular location is being worked on a few of us can take laptops and work there. It would useful if someone is available who has knowledge of the space's processes, history, and who has wiki delete permissions.

Other bits to do

Make links between Members Guide and the wiki (both ways).

Make a quick start guide for the wiki.

Draft a new front page.

Update Team information (inc. Maintainers - team dissolved)

Update knitting machines - Brother machine gone

Sort out clean up categories

Plugins for better search and semantic wiki (that allows infoboxes to be created from a form etc.)

Boiler plates examples for common page type ie. tool, team, location

Standard operating procedures