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Cocktail Umbrella Gripper

General Description

The Cocktail Umbrella Gripper is manually loaded with a single pre-opened cocktail umbrella. Once the drink has been prepared a solenoid (12V, 2A, 20N, 10mm) is used to automatically drop the umbrella into the drink before presentation to the patiently waiting customer.

BarBot Cocktail Umbrella Gripper


  • I think we need a cherry (or similar) attached to the umbrella to add some weight, otherwise the umbrella can fall out of the glass. (If so, the cherry conveyor could be re-purposed for olives?)

Mounting & hardware

A couple of 4mm holes are provided for mounting the mechanism. It needs to be mounted such that the umbrella falls and hooks onto the side the glass.


To be confirmed. May use a L298N dual H-bridge (a bit over the top, but in common with other mechanisms).


  • +12V
  • Ground


+12V, 2A


None at all!