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The Big Syringe

General Description

One massive syringe (Thanks to Toby!). Automated through use of a car door window mechanism and a BTS7960B high current H-bridge. Can suck up and dispense liquids. Speed of suck / dispense controlled by two PWM signals to the H-bridge.

BarBot Big Syringe


  • Don't touch the motor! It can get damn hot.
  • There's a finger trap point at the top. Take care. It hurts when it bites!

Mounting & hardware

It's all mounted in a wooden frame. Use wood screws.


Two PWM signals needed. One for forwards, one for reverse. When using one, the other should be set to zero. Don't keep the motor running once it's reached the end. This will waste power and cause the motor to overheat.


  • +12V
  • Ground
  • 2 x PWM signals


+12V, about 5A peak


None whatsoever!