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Getting the glass to and from ingredients and serving to the customer.

  • Conveyor belt (Sushi style)
  • Reprap-style carriage (two bars, stepper motor, toothed belt, platform)
  • Turntable for glass or for bottles ('Lazy Susan')
  • Glass stays put - ingredients move
  • Everybody likes the train idea (I don't Mouse (talk) 15:39, 3 April 2014 (EST))


Items required / ordered for prototype Reprap-style carriage (two bars, stepper motor, toothed belt, platform):

  • 8 mm dia stainless steel rod x 1.25m (several lengths in Blue Room)
  • 8 mm CNC linear rail shaft guide support (4 off ordered from eBay £4.38)
  • 8 mm linear ball bearings LM8UU (4 off ordered from eBay £4.00)
  • GT2 20T 5mm bore pulley and timing belt 6mm wide x 2m length (ordered from eBay £7.80)
  • EasyDriver stepper motor driver board (ordered from eBay £2.25)
  • Stepper motor (hope to find something suitable in the motor draw!)
  • Platform (make from 3mm laser ply for prototype, perhaps LED lit perspex for production unit?)