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Dispensing Ingredients

Getting the right quantity of each ingredient into a glass/shaker/whatever.


Spirits are the main event here. Whisky, Vodka etc. In the UK single measures of spirits are either 25ml or 35ml at the discretion of landlords (35ml traditionally being used in Scotland according to wikipedia). We need to be able to dispense fairly precise measures. If commercialised, dispensing volume needs to be stamped by a government agency who test the device.


  • Optics, also knows as "optic pearls" (Daniel, Mouse to do prototypes)
    • 25ml/35ml Beaumont style optics look nice. Cheapest price for delivery of one was £12, larger numbers are cheaper
    • I just received delivery of a set of 6 with bottle holders and a rotary stand
    • Other styles may or may not be easier to mechanise
    • Optic prototype attempt #1
  • Pinch values / gravity pinch values
    • Concerns about consistent flow rate & dripping
  • Peristaltic pump (Michel E to prototype)
  • Tippers (any takers?)
  • cheap liquid pumps:
    • perhaps only suitable for low-viscosity liquids


  • Silcone aquarium tubing for making p. pumps
  • Inexpensive TowerPro 90 servos SKU: 188549 x6 £12 to drive pinch values and peristaltic pumps


  • Fizzy & non-fizzy
    • Some viscous / sticky may constrain delivery mechanism



  • How to dispense?
  • How to keep solid etc.