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All the dispensers will be laid out along the rail. The rail is a fixed length: (1.5 m), and each dispenser takes some fixed amount of space depending on the type of dispenser. Rail real-estate is going to be a big factor in deciding what sort of dispensers to use, how many of each and arrangement.

Rail hardware

Part Width Notes
Left limit switch 2 cm
Platform: edge to centre 6 cm


Dispenser Width Delivery point Notes
Optic 10 cm Centre Width limited by bottle size. Can probably narrow it down for standard 750 ml bottles but have one or two with wider separation for bigger bottles (e.g. one on each end)
Pressure 10 cm Centre Width limited by tap foot size and bottle width. 2 litre bottles side by side have a 10cm separation. Could reduce this by having 2 rows of bottles and by cutting foot of taps (down to 7-8 cm would be doable)
Squirter 6 cm Variable Could reduce this by using longer tubes and putting multiple squirters in the same slot (having one behind the other with the dispensing tube spanning the front one)
Giant syringe 20 cm? Variable Still need to see if we can reduce the flow rate using PWM, and test with viscous fluid (grenadine)
Peristaltic pump ? Variable