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Pressure taps

BarBot CO2 Adjustment.jpeg BarBot Pressure Gauge.jpeg


  1. Connect dark blue hose to CO2 bottle (16mm wrench) and lower connector of manifold
  2. Light blue hoses between manifold and bottle tops, other hose (with pop bottle lid ends) into the mixer taps. Tighten just right!
  3. All manifold taps full clockwise (closed)
  4. Regulator adjustment B full anti-clockwise
  5. Bottle tap A clockwise until gauge 1 shows increase in pressure
  6. Regulator adjustment B GENTLY clockwise until gauge 2 show first signs of increase (adjuster becomes stiff just before it kicks in). We want the needle to be on the first notch of the outer scale. Be tender!
  7. Check servo positions on mixer taps - the taps should be closed
  8. Open manifold valves. For each one check the bottle is pressurised (squeeze it), and that the connector at the tap end is not oozing
  9. Check pressure of regulator gauge. Remember we want it on the first notch of the outer scale
  10. Manually press taps (empty into a glass or something) to prime

Changing a bottle

  1. Close manifold value for the right bottle
  2. Unscrew bottle by holding cap and turning bottle. It will release pressure
  3. Change bottle.
  4. Screw new bottle onto cap (holding cap in place and rotating bottle
  5. Open manifold value
  6. Prime by manually opening tap into a glass