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BarBot Meeting 2014-04-03

Attendees: Mouse, Ian D, Banjoface, Seb P

Regrets: Michael E, Sophie W, Daniel S,

Agenda: Project status & progress, design talk, hacking things


  • We went over project goals to bring Seb up to speed on the project
  • Watched Daniel S's video of his optic mechanism
  • Seb offered to build a Carousel for the optics, said he has the necessary bearings. Said he reckons he can have it done in two weeks!
  • We discussed carbonated mixer delivers mechanisms: postmixes and less expensive alternatives
    • Postmix is probably prohibitively expensive, and yet carbonated mixers are really desirable.
    • There might be a way to deliver them by elevating a 2L bottle, having two pipes through a screw cap on the bottle (one for air return), and a pinch valve. We should investigate it.
    • If we spend half the cost of a postmix, we might be able to incorporate a weighing (or other) mechanism to meter soft drink dispensing
  • Seb suggested a mechanism for pushing the optic up using a linkage and a geared motor
  • The rest of the time was spend hacking together a prototype of the optic, which actually worked!

Action Items

  1. Mouse: meeting write-up, look into placating EM Fields re: us providing drinkohol.
  2. Mouse & Ian D: get some parts together for prototyping carbonated drinks dispensing
  3. Seb P: produce design for optic delivery device
  4. Seb P: get cracking on the carousel!
  5. Banjoface: continue work on vaporiser accompaniment to BarBot

Next Steps

  • Eat delicious chocolate
  • Next meeting: next Thursday (2014-04-17)