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BarBot Meeting 2014-04-17

Attendees: Mouse, Ian D, Daniel S, Michael E, Banjoface, Ed

Regrets: Seb P

Agenda: Project status & progress, design talk, hacking things


  • Review of last weeks meeting, progress during the week
    • Michael's optics arrived + soft drinks dispenser thing
    • Ian has a design for some soft drink dispenser
  • Michael showed the design of a peristaltic pump design, much of which can be laser cut
  • Mouse described Seb's progress and showed CAD drawings
    • Alternative bearing idea: from office chair (good idea Michael!)
  • Summary of components left to prototype / design
    • Carbonated dispensers
    • Squirters
    • Pinch valves
    • Lemon slice
    • Measuring mass of drink to control amount of mixers
  • Essential cocktails list?
    • G&T
  • Mouse talked about stepper prototype thing
  • Hacking was done:
    • Could not find driver for stepper, although a Nema 17 stepper was located which looks good
    • Ed prototyped tipper device.
    • Ian used an aquarium air value / servo combo which worked to dispense soft drinks with a gravity feed. Tube was quite thin, so flow rate was low
    • Mouse failed to lasercut a peristaltic pump thing

Action Items

  1. Mouse: meeting write-up, finish contact with EMF organisers re: drinkahol
  2. Mouse: to succeed to laser-cut peristaltic pump parts
  3. Seb P: produce design for optic delivery device
  4. Seb P: continue with carousel!
  5. Banjoface: continue work on vaporiser accompaniment to BarBot (which is looking amazing!)

Outstanding Tasks

  1. Cocktail Research: Make a list of candidate (doable) cocktails to aim for
  2. Prototype squirters

Next Steps

  • Next meeting: next Thursday (2014-04-24)