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BarBot Meeting 2014-05-15

Attendees: Mouse, Ian D, Daniel S, Ed, Michael E, Banjoface Agenda: No carousel


  • Seb has pulled out, so we don't have someone to build the carousel idea now.
    • Proposed to fall back to linear array of static bottles with a moving glass platform
  • Rail for CNC devices: MakerSlide, or speak to Jo Duckhouse. £20 for a meter and a half


  • Ian showed a prototype peristaltic pump working!
    • Quite stiff
    • Motor w/ 1:200 gearbox resulted in very slow flow rate

Action Items

  1. Mouse: meeting write-up
  2. Ian: to provide Mouse with links for MakerSlide & other components
  3. Michael E: pressure test of carbonated drinks dispenser
  4. "Daniel": bring in servo-driven prototype

Outstanding Tasks

  1. Cocktail Research: Make a list of candidate (doable) cocktails to aim for
  2. Prototype squirters

Next Steps

  • Next meeting: brief one at AGM next Thursday (2014-05-22)