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BarBot Meeting 2014-07-31

Attendees: Dan S, Mouse, Ian D, Ed Raisin Agenda: Hacking

Note: Ed is going to be away from next week until the 17th August


  • Assembled bot in dusty area (flattest bench we could find), mounted rail
  • We put all the dispensers in place and went through all the items to do for each one (see list below)
  • See progress pics here
  • Dominic offered to see if Kitronix would be interested in sponsoring the project by providing mirrored acrylic, Mouse emailed reminder and latest pics.

Outstanding tasks by dispenser / area


  • Mount servos
  • Drill hole for limit switch wires / route wires
  • Acquire mirror perspex and mount on front (moar mirrors!)

Pressurised dispensers

  • Tidy up mounting board, trim ends, & mount on front box
  • Saw holes in top ply for bottles
  • Possibly lasercut trim around bottle holes
  • Attach unattached servo ties
  • Add splash-reducing down tubes if necessary


  • Mount on box
  • Cut hole in top ply for pump box to by partly dropped into (top with access will still be accessible)
  • Acquire long bolt to make dispenser heads protrude far enough to hit middle of glass
  • Mount bottles

Lemon/Lime slice dispenser

  • Mount
  • Possibly add different shaped end for more reliable dropping


  • Mount it


  • Anti drip mechanism (valve?)
  • Test with actual grenadine (might need to adjust PWM levele to reliably pump more viscous fluid)
  • Find out what is going all nar nar in there, and clean it out
  • Fix possible jamming problem


  • Mount
  • Figure out where the bucket will go and how to attach the down pipe

Other tasks

  • Cut hole in front box ply for platform control wires to go through
  • Add bling!
  • Emergency stop button
  • Get sterilising fluid and clean everything
  • Organise the fundraiser party
  • Work out how to pack / transport it!