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General Assembly

  1. Get a long flat table capable of taking some weight and clear it. Note: the table must by sturdy enough not to bow under weight
  2. Loosen the wind nut on the rear right of the optic section frame
  3. Slot the bar section in the main frame into the optic frame and tighten the wing nut
  4. Remove the end panel on the right part of the frame using a hex key
  5. Attach the platform rail:
    1. Loosen rail attachment nuts (they don't need to be completely removed). Note: The rail nuts are difficult to get hold of, and we don't have spares. Take care not to lose them!
    2. Get the 2m Maker Slide and slide it on the rail nuts. The double slot goes against the front of BarBot, the single slot on the front goes at the top
    3. Attach the limit switch to the end of the maker slide
    4. Thread the drive belt through the platform drive wheels
    5. Slide the belt attachment nuts on the underside of the rail, securing one end first
    6. Pull the belt right and secure and tighten at the other end of the rail
  6. Mount optic clamps on left side of machine (requires large Philips driver and small socket / spanner)
  7. Mount the red mixer taps on the frame (2 wing nuts)
  8. Mount the dashers:
    1. Screw the dasher stand into the main box (4 wood screws)
    2. Place the dasher pump enclosure in the hole in the top of the main frame
    3. Place the three dasher bottles in the stand (club mat bottles with holes in the bottom)
  9. Mount the grenadine tap (2 wood screws)
    1. Use the spring clamp on the hose above the tap to mitigate the crimp in the hose (and because it looks cool)
  10. Put the rear conveyor / slice dispenser stand behind the tap
  11. Rest the slice dispenser and cherry conveyor on the stand (rear) and tap mounting (front)
  12. Mount the stirrer/umbrella dropper (2 wood screws)
  13. Mount the grenadine syringe dispenser (two wing nuts)
  14. Mount the drip tray (gutter)
    1. Bolt the gutter brackets to the frame from behind
    2. Attach the gutter end to the right side of the gutter
    3. Slide the butter into the brackets and place the spills bucket under the open end
    4. Tie the CO2 cylinder to the table securely
    5. Attach CO2 cylinder output to underside of manifold (mounted on the back board)


  1. Attach optic servo cable loom to control box (large D connector) & servo connectors to the loom (numbered from 0 for left-most optic servo to 5)
  2. Attach mixer servo loom to control box and plug into servos
  3. Plug in the other dispensers and the lights as per the markings on the control box

Power up & dispenser test

  1. Ensure connectors are plugged into correct control box sockets (as labelled)
  2. DO NOT disconnect the platform from the control box while the control box is powered
  3. Plug in power cable
  4. Turn on with switch inside control box
  5. Wait a minute for the Pi to boot and then log in with username "pi"
  6. Start barbot daemon by running "./barbot start" from pi home directory
  7. Log into web interface here, log in with user "barbot"
  8. Test dispensers. The control page can be used for this.
    1. Place a glass on the platform
    2. Ensure emergency stop button is released (twist to release)
    3. Use the Reset button in the Control page. The lights on the dashers should go white. Red lights indicate a problem (e.g. emergency stop pressed)
    4. Zero the platform by clicking the Zero button on the Control page (the platform should move right until it hits the limit switch)
    5. Optics:
      1. Run a test dispense on each optic (dispense 1 unit). Check the servo moves. If it doesn't, check the connection to the control box.
      2. Once the test dispanse has run, the optic will be zeroed, and the servo horn can be attached. Note: there are right and left handed servo horns. The slot in the horn arm should be pointing upward at about 45 degrees, with the slot at the top side. The loop end or the optic sord should be slipped over the optic dispensing arm, and the ball end put through the slot in the servo horn arm
    6. Mixer Taps:
      1. Do a test dispence. Note: dispensing values are in milliseconds, so test with an amount of 1000 or something like that. If the servo does not move, check the connection to the control box
    7. Prime CO2 system:
      1. Ensure all manifold exit valves are closed
      2. Turn regulator Anticlockwise as far as it will go this is the off position
      3. Open the tank valve. First pressure gauge should show pressure
      4. Slowly open regulator until 0.5 bar shows on second gauge (only two small marks!)
      5. Connect a bottle of warm water. Note: 1.5L bottle attachments have a shorter down pipe than 2L bottle attachments. Spin the bottle while holding the top to avoid line twisting.
      6. Open the manifold valve to the test bottle (you should see it inflate slightly)
      7. Manually test the tap by pressing it with your hand. Note: ensure bucket is in place at end of spill tray!
      8. Test the servo position with by dispensing through the web interface / control page
      9. When testing mixer taps, take the opportunity to flush the lines with warm water
    8. Dashers:
      1. Fill a dasher bottle with warm water (don't forget to plug the air hole in the bottom of the bottle with your finger)
      2. Feed the pipe with the rubber bung through the hole in the dasher stand
      3. Put the rubber bung in the bottle securely, invert the bottle and place it in the dasher stand, checking for leaks / drips
      4. Use the control page to dispense from the dasher until water has flushed through the line. It may be necessary to lift the bottle up higher to get air bubbles out of the line
    9. Test dispense the slice dispense (verify it turns)
    10. Test dispense the cherry conveyor (it should move until the IR beam at the end of the conveyor is broken)
    11. Syringe dispenser:
      1. Note: unit is ms of dispense, with a 400 ms reverse drive after the main dispense (so values less than 400 will result in net upward syringe movement). The special value of 1 for the syringe means upward motion only..

Load dispensers

  1. Set the ingredients in the dispenser config page. The order list will be automatically filtered based on what is it possible to make from the availabale ingredients
  2. Once ingredients are loaded into the Mixer Taps, manually operator the tap until the lines are clear of air/water
  3. Once ingredients are loaded into dashers, operate them using the control page until the lines are flushed of air/water
  4. Syringe loading:
    1. Put grenadine into a measuring jug or pint glass
    2. Take the syringe off the machine and fill it from the jug
    3. Connect the tap to the outlet of the syringe with the push-fit connector (put a bunch of kitchen towel or something under the join in case it leaks)
    4. Raise the syringe pusher to the correct height for the amount of grenadine using the control interface
    5. Place the syringe into the pusher, using the wedge to secure it at the top, and velcro to hold it flush against the back of the pusher
    6. Double check the hose is secure in the syring connector
    7. Open the tap one half turn
    8. Dispense grenadine until it has flushed through the lines
  5. Note: The Unbrella Dropper solenoid will not function unless there is an umbrella read to drop


While it's possible for one person to operate BarBot, it's much better to have two people - one operating the order list and starting drink preparation, and one preparing glasses, slicing lemons and so on.

  • Users connect to the menu page, order a drink and receive an order number
  • Users give the operator their order number
  • The operator checks the order on the order list page, and check the user's ID if necessary, and takes payment
  • The operator puts a glass of the correct type (from the order page) on the platform
  • The operator loads ice if necessary, and makes sure the ingredients for the drink are all present (including cocktail umbrella)
  • The operator clicks the Make button on the order page to start BarBot making the drink

Tear down

  • Wash through all the dispensers with warm water
  • Remember to return syringe mechanism to the most compact position before powering down the system
  • Pack things away carefully and methodically, and label boxes with their contents
  • Power off by logging into the barbot Pi and the "pi" user and issuing the command "sudo poweroff"

Tools / Consumables / Other Bits

  • Allen Keys: 2.5mm, 4mm
  • Screwdrivers:
  • Large Philips driver (optic clamps)
  • Small spanner / socket (optic clamps) (for an M6 sized nut)
  • Lots of kitchen roll
  • Bucket