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Styling and Flair

Having a functional BarBot is good. Having it look awesome, have a few gimmicks and perhaps some accompanying give-away tat is even better.

  • The serving of even the most simple drink should at least be entertaining
  • LEDs + perspex + liquids
  • Rocket launcher switches
  • Crazy user interface
  • Touchscreen
  • Graphics
  • Incorporate some personality
  • Have a face
  • Have a voice
  • Receive feedback
  • Print out reciepts
  • Periphery and accessories (preferably Nottinghack branded)
    • Cocktail umbrellas
    • Cocktail/swizzle sticks
    • Olives/lemon slices/cherries/mint leaves/etc
    • Drip-trays, bar-towels, coasters, etc.
  • geek-chic use of lab glassware: