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For EMF camp we're looking to serve up to 200 drinks. Actual glasses are simply out of our price range, so we need to look at disposables, unless someone has a source of hundreds of re-usable glasses and don't mind half of them going missing.



The important thing to note is that glasses cannot be taller than a fixed height else, they'll get knocked off the platform by the lower part of the optic mechanism. Pint glasses are too tall. Tumblers should be OK. I'll do a proper measurement when I've done the optic mechanism board with platform prototype.


A typical cocktail will have between 100 and 200 ml of fluid in it. Glasses should be able to hold 200ml / 7 UK fl.oz. / 6.7 US f.oz, perhaps a little more.


Disposables come an all shapes and sizes. I'd like to have something a bit more stylish than the bog standard water cup. First, I think they must be transparent so you can see the drink (it's just not done to serve cocktails in an opaque beaker). Second, an interesting shape is a good thing.


Style Volume Height Pack size Price Unit Price Shipping Link
Martini 8oz / 227 ml 12.5 cm 24 £7.89 33p £0.00 amazon
Highball 340 ml ? cm 90 £5.70 6.3p £3.99 amazon
Neon Pink Tumbler 284 ml ? cm 24 £5.99 25p £1.99 ebay