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Tabletop bandsaw 01.jpg Tabletop bandsaw 02.jpg

This tool should not be used to cut metal as it is fitted with a wood cutting blade.

The bench-top bandsaw is one of the most well-used power tools that we have in the Hackspace. For this reason a proposal to invest in a better (more powerful, less prone to blade breakage) one has been put forward, and a pledge drive started to gauge interest and raise funds for this. See Fox Bandsaw

The existing bandsaw is a Schneider model SCH190, with 250W motor running at 1500RPM.

So it is not a hugely powerful device - do try not to force it to cut too quickly, as the narrow blades (which are useful for curve-cutting) are easily worn-down and broken.

Replacement blades are 56½" long, and are available from Toolstation
76022 56½ x 1/4" 10tpi
44839 56½ x 1/4" 14tpi

Wider blades, for straight cutting, which may also fit (not tested) are:
12103 Bandsaw Blade 56½ x 3/8 6tpi
23015 Bandsaw Blade 56½ x 1/2 6tpi

Other suppliers may keep equivalent blades, for example Silverline brand:
633924 56½ x 1/4" 6tpi
868739 56½ x 1/4" 10tpi
675295 56½ x 1/4" 14tpi