Combat Robot Workshops

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Combat Robot Workshops
Primary Contact McMullet
Members McMullet, Moop
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Status Active
Type Members Project
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Standard Kit of Parts

BBB AntWeight drive kit may be worthwhile depending on desired options -

Optional Kit Parts

Building Materials

Bespoke Parts

  • Laser cut chassis
  • 3D printed motor mounts
  • 3D printed wedgelets
  • 3D printed or machined HDPE nutstrip

Purchased Additional Parts

  • Thin polyethelene sheet
  • Cable Ties
  • 3mm metal rods and 3mm ID tube
  • Craft foam and card
  • Googly eyes

Scavenged Parts

  • Yoghurt pots
  • Milk Cartons
  • Cardboard
  • Broken toys
  • Miscellaneous plastic enclosures

Workshop Resources

Add wiring diagrams for different construction methods here

Operational Suggestions

Pre-Solder the Electronics Where Possible

From our first and second workshop we determined that the kit of parts should be pre-soldered with connectors and pin headers where possible. Soldering is likely to be offputting to beginners (and eat a lot of time) and too basic for people with soldering experience. Pre-soldering battery connectors where relevant and adding DuPont connectors to motor inputs/ESC outputs allows robots to be quickly assembled and makes it very easy to reverse motors to get robots driving correctly.