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My role on the Board is for Nottingham Hackspace Commercial Interests. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means making sure that we make the most of the enormous potential that our Hackspace has to offer, and in doing so help to keep the place afloat by bringing in much-needed funds wherever we can.

--Michael Erskine 13:31, 5 October 2011 (EST)

Unique sources of revenue

I'm sure we all agree that our Hackspace and Hackspaces in general are exciting and inspiring places: this has not gone unnoticed in larger society. We intend to take advantage of that. I'm drawing up a quick non-exhaustive list of ways this can be monetised: -

  • Sponsorship: smart companies want to be associated with grass-roots makers
  • Coworking space: our members can negotiate extended use of the space for startup businesses. Is there anything stopping this happening?
  • Excess resources: we have a lot of surplus materials (all donated) - let's bang them on a webshop!
  • Reselling: members of the space and members of the public all need resources (components, materials, consumables) and we can negotiate good rates with some key suppliers. In some cases it makes sense to make bulk purchases and pass on the discounts to our users
  • Unique skills: we have some amazing members with amazing hacking skills. Can we do certain types repairs? Electronic? Mechanical? Bicycle? Negotiate rates with our members to monetise their skills.
  • Unique tools: be a visible "go to" tech resource for the public. CNC, 3D printing, Circuit etching, laser cutting

One single tenet

In all cases we will always give priority to our members.