Contour ShuttleXpress

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Contour ShuttleXpress
Contour ShuttleXpress.jpg
Manufacturer Contour
Model ShuttleXpress
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Obtained On loan from Matt (May 2019)
Location CNC Area
Team Tools
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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The Contour ShuttleXpress is a physical jog dial for the Superbox CNC Router. It has 5 buttons, an inner dial and an outer dial.


The ShuttleXpress has been configured to work like a Tormach Pendant.

The similar Tormach Pendant with labels


The outer dial will jog the selected axis progressively faster, up to the full jog speed as configured in LinuxCNC, as the dial is turned further to the right or left of the center detent. The outer dial springs back to center position when released.

Used for fine positioning, the inner dial jogs the selected axis one step increment.


The three leftmost buttons are used to select the axis to jog; each button needs to be held down. Currently the "A" button is not mapped to anything.

The rightmost button is used to select the jog increment.