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Logic and Digital function ICs

Incomplete list, still being sorted and packaged Dclarke (talk) 08:57, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

AC Logic: 74AC04PC ACT Logic: CD74ACT157E, CD74ACT161E, CD74ACT164E, CD74ACT20E, CD74ACT86E ALS Logic: 74ALS573, 74ALS74 CLASSIC TTL: 7400 CMOS Logic: HCF4002BE, HEF40106, HEF40373BP, MC14094BCP, MC145151, MC145155DWZ, MC74AC4040N, MC74HC04AD FAST Logic: 74F00SC, 74F109, 74F86 HC Logic: 74HC00, 74HC02, 74HC123, 74HC123, 74HC123, 74HC132, 74HC138, 74HC138D, 74HC14, 74HC163AN, 74HC174, 74HC193, 74HC244D, 74HC299, 74HC30, 74HC30N, 74HC374D, 74HC4060, 74HC4094, 74HC541, 74HC573, 74HC574M, 74HC574M, 74HC574N, 74HC595, 74HC595, 74HC595, 74HC74, 74HC85, MM74HC04 HCT Logic: 74HCT20, 74HCT157, 74HCT573M, 74VHCT04N, CD74HCT245M LS Logic: 74LS08, 74LS109, 74LS122, 74LS132, 74LS145N, 74LS153, 74LS20, 74LS221, 74LS90, 74LS245, 74LS273, 74LS293, 74LS374, 74LS157, 74LS367, 74LS377 LV Logic: 74LV04APW, 74LVC04ADB, 74LVQ245