EMF 2018 Ceramics Workshop

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EMF 2018 Ceramics Workshop
Primary Contact James Taylor
Created 31/08/2018
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EMF 2018 Ceramics Workshop [Layjet]


EMF 2018 Proposal - Ceramics Workshop

Electromagnetic Field 2018 (www.emfcamp.org)

Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury (August 31st-September 2nd)


  • Run clay workshops and teach basic handbuilding methods
  • Fire in metal bins modified as makeshift kilns


  • Here
  • Nottinghack Google Group - to do
  • NH Teams Slack ('emf' channel)
  • EMF CfP (Call for Participation)

Actions -


  • Bin(s)
  • Clay
  • Combustibles


  • Modifications to bin(s)
  • Tools
  • Handouts


  • Assess/minimise dangers
  • Space requirement on site/village - for both firing and workshop
  • Timings - including on site
  • Transport - total weight/volume?
  • (Personal logistics)


  • To be determined
Item Name Description Price Other Notes Picture/examples
Metal Bin For modifying, 40l(min)-120l(max) ~£30 Galvanized > fume fever? (acceptable/unacceptable risk)
Clay(s) Grogged, low fire, low shrinkage, pale colour ~£1.50/kg * Xkg = £?? Get more than one type? Example
Saggar Paper/foil/other/TS Example Terra Sig. would have to be made at EMF - likely too complex Example
Handtools/equipment Example Example Example Example
Combustibles Example Example Example Example
Buckets Multiple Example Example Example