Fantasy Football Trophy

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Fantasy Football Trophy
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Primary Contact Danspencer101
Created 2019/08/16
Completed 2019/08/30
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Status Complete
Type Members Project
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A quick and dirty project I did for some friends at work. Turned out being a little harder than I thought it would've due to difficulties painting the design.

Attempt 1

I used Superbox CNC Router to cut the design into the block before painting. This was disastrous as I couldn't fill the design with paint after I'd sprayed it purple. Ended up being very messy so I scrapped it.

Attempt 2

Laser Engraving the mask

Attempt two used the Laser Cutter. I started by spraying the entire block purple and applied a laser mask to the top face once it had dried.

  1. I then used the laser cutter to engrave the mask away, leaving a gap where the design needed to go.
  2. I then sprayed over the mask with white paint.
  3. I removed the mask to achieve the clean finish that I was looking for.