Film Night (2024)

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Film Night (2024)
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Name Film Night
When Roughly Monthly
Where Comfy Area

Film Night -- watching films for fun and pleasure.

Some of us like to take over the comfy room and watch films together for fun and pleasure. So far we are managing to keep to 2nd Friday of the month as film night. It is not uncommon for attendees to expand these evenings to include a shared meal before the film. If you want to join us we tend to discuss what is happening on the one-shot-wonders on Discord. When making recommendations it would be really helpful to know if you have access to the film in a format you can bring along. If goes without saying, if we do not have access to the film we cannot watch it.

The Knights of Calendar

Discord discussion thread for what to watch in February.

Date Film Extras
?? ?? ??

The Sorcerers of Suggestion

Recommended for Recommended by Film Notes
Jason Alexander The Duke Available on Amazon Prime
Aaron Jackson Hackers (1995) Aaron has DVD. Imagine how good this film would be if it was set in Berlin in the early 90s
Aaron Jackson Wayne's World (1992) Someone surely has it?
Aaron Jackson WarGames VHS... or?
Aaron Jackson Napoleon Dynamite I think it's on Prime
Aaron Jackson Office Space ? - I think I have the DVD of this somewhere - Gareth
Aaron Jackson Johnny Mnemonic Internet Archive (
Duncan Fyfe The 7th Voyage of Sinbad I hazDvd. The great animation work of Ray Harryhausen
Duncan Fyfe Westworld I hazDvd.
Duncan Fyfe Flash Gorgon I hazDvd.
Duncan Fyfe Lord of The Rings I hazDvds.
Duncan Fyfe The Imaginary I hazNetflix (

Phantasms of the Past

Film Date Favourite Quote
Contact (1997) 19th July 2024 First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price?
The Wicker Man 29th June 2024
Rebel Moon 26th April 2024 Hmmm.
Dune (2021) 16th February 2024
Everything Everywhere All at Once January 2024 I saw my life... without you... I wish you could have seen it... it was beautiful.
Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves December 2023 We must never stop failing, because the minute we do, we've failed.