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Comfy Area
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Intended Use For relaxing in the space
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Team Infrastructure
Floor Upstairs
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The Comfy Area is for relaxation and entertainment. It has a projector screen for computing, gaming etc. It has an array of musical instruments. It also houses Nottinghack's Museum of Obsolete Technology and the Hackspace Library.

Tools and equipment

question There is a Raspberry Pi and PS4 hooked up to an AV receiver. See Comfy_Area_AV for details if you get stuck.

A list of tools in this area with wiki pages is available here: Tools and Equipment in Comfy Area


question This area does not require booking and can not be booked.

Cleaning and maintenance

It's especially important to keep the Comfy Area tidy as it's the first thing people see when walking into the space, and helps set expectations / creates first impressions for new / potential members.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem in the Comfy Area contact the contact the Infrastructure team.


The Comfy Area was redecorated circa 2014.


Contained within this area are sub locations. A full list of these can be found here: Sub-Locations of Comfy Area

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