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Name Aaron Jackson
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Model Human with upgrades
Discord asjackson
Callsign M6PIU

Unlikely to keep this updated (it's a wiki after all). Website is

I like making things in general - especially if I can go from having an idea to a finished "thing" in one evening.

Always happy to chat on Discord or Liber.Chat (IRC) with other members - I'm asjackson on both


  • Born
  • School school school
  • Worked as a PHP developer for six months before realising it was boring
  • Went to Bangor Uni to study computer science
  • Went to Uni of Notts to study PhD in computer science
  • Got bored of trying to publish in a field as crowded as AI/ML, got bored of working on application based research rather than something useful, started doing research computing support at Dundee University for a health informatics group.
  • What happens next???


  • Fixing and Poking PDP-11s and VAXen.
  • Electronics - I like analogue stuff but always need to learn more.
  • Napping with my cats.
  • Amateur Radio, particularly AX.25 packet stuff
  • Cycling, although I've definitely lost a lot of fitness over the past few years and now struggle to motivate myself to go on long rides


While finding photos of things I've built, I realised I mostly use the space to fix things. Also I have a lot of projects which have stalled. Hopefully the list will grow eventually. 😅

Quite fun digging those out and reminding myself what I've been up to over the past few years.

Things I want to learn about

  • Amaranth HDL for programming FPGA, had some success with the built in simulator, waiting for real fpga to arrive.
  • Screen printing (mainly the stencil making part)
  • Risograph
  • CAD so I can use the CNC router better
  • KiCAD because I currently wirewrap everything

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