GC7QM37 Geocache

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GC7QM37 Geocache
Endling Cache (1).jpg
Primary Contact Danspencer101
Created 2019/09/02
Completed 2019/09/11
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Status Complete
Type Members Project
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This project is a 3D Printed geocache container for a cache I own in Derby. It was printed on my Creality CR-10S and painted/ assembled at the hackspace. I was using just a Tupperware box in the location where this cache is going to be placed but it kept going missing.

The idea with the 3D Printed cache was to have something that didn't cost much to make, something that was magnetic so can't fall off into unreachable areas and something that looked official to discourage people tampering with it.


Finding this cache isn't as simple as just locating the final container. Have a go if you can, its a good one.