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The front door of Hackspace 1.0

The first Nottingham Hackspace was based inside the The Art Organisation. It started as just one storage room, but expanded into a small workshop with a larger office space. It had access to a shared hall that could be used for events and a large corridor that was converted into a small private cinema.

Video Tour 2010


The first Nottingham Hackspace (1.0) was based in inside the old police station on Station Street.

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Michael Erskine used Sweet Home 3D to produce some nice floor plans. Here are screenshots of the rough wall/door outline using Tony's breakout area measurements.

Simple 3D View


The wiki won't allow the SweetHome3D file to be uploaded so it is on one of Michael's servers.


These were the rough dimensions:

Breakout Area
  • A: 300CM
  • B: 473CM (Wall to Wall)
  • C: 280CM
  • D: 238CM
  • E: 154CM
  • F: 191CM (to Hackspace door)
  • G: 135CM (Approx width of corridor)
  • H: 120CM (Internal width of doors, not inc. frame)

Major Events

Some of the successful events at Hackspace 1.0 included:

Eviction from Hackspace 1.0

When we first learnt that we were being evicted from Hackspace 1.0 we initially planned to move into the basement of The Art Organisation, which had no windows. We were hoping to knock two windows through. These were the plans for that space: