Hand Saws

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Hand Saws
Tool WoodHandsaws.jpeg
Manufacturer Various
Model Various
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Location Workshop
Team Woodworking
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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There are various hand saws around the space.

Workshop area

More saws in the workshop

In the Workshop there are the following saws:

  • Mitre saw (in jig under work bench) - for cutting specific angles such as 45° for making picture frames.
  • Tennon saw - for accurate wood working: e.g. joints.
  • Cross-cut saw - cutting across grain in larger pieces of softer woods.
  • Rip saw - cutting along the grain of in larger soft wood pieces.
  • Hack saw - cuts metal, plastic & wood.
  • Junior hack saw - most useful for smaller metal work.
  • Coping saw - cutting intricate shapes with right curves.
  • Japanese pull saws - fine wood working.



Gunked up saw prised out of its sheath

If cutting through something covered in wet adhesive or resin fully clean the tool afterwards.

Do not put unclean tool back into cardboard sheath. Otherwise the tool becomes struck in sheath and hard to clean.No