Hand Saws

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Hand Saws

There are various hand saws around the space.

Woodworking area

  • Mitre saw (in jig under work bench) - for cutting specific angles such as 45° for making picture frames.
  • Tennon saw - for accurate wood working: e.g. joints.
  • Cross-cut saw - cutting across grain in larger pieces of softer woods.
  • Rip saw - cutting along the grain of in larger soft wood pieces.
  • Hack saw - cuts metal, plastic & wood.
  • Junior hack saw - most useful for smaller metal work.
  • Coping saw - cutting intricate shapes with right curves.
  • Japanese pull saws - fine wood working.

Metalworking area

  • Hack saws - for metal only (resin from wood fouls blades over time and can cause corrosion on the blade and on work)

Links & more info

A good introduction to hand saws - which ones to use for what jobs, technique and so on, from Boing Boing