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Hardware Store
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Intended Use Maintained stock of standard nuts, bolts and screws
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Team Resources and Snackspace
Floor Upstairs
Area Workshop
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Storage racking with small, clear, plastic drawers in the Workshop.

Stock hardware

Maintained stock of standard nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Mainly in lower draws and wooden wide draws to the right. Not every size and type is, or will ever be, stocked but generally useful sizes and types will be. If a project needs large quantities of (particularly) wood screws, they should be purchased as required - this store is not a replacement for Screwfix!

These drawers should be labelled, and kept in type / size order for convenience of users.

Note Note: These drawers are to contain only the items on their label - 'mixed collections' should be stored in other containers (e.g. LinBins) until they can be sorted into their proper home in these drawers.

Sorted, miscellaneous hardware

The upper levels of these racks contain a wide range of items that are not on the regular re-stock list. These include springs, imperial hardware, etc.

In the narrow wooden draws at the very bottom are miscellaneous items including capacitors, fuses and hinges.

Note Note: The wide wooden draws are on the shelf to the right, as of June 2019.

 To do : Help other members by adding labels to draws which are not marked.

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