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In 2013, the space acquired a large quantity of small storage racks like these:

Hardware Drawers.jpg

They were filled with 'free-issue' hardware e.g. Nuts, Bolts, Woodscrews etc. for use in projects. This is for the convenience of Hackspace Members, and donations (of Hardware or cash in the adjacent pot) are always welcome. They became part of the Hardware Store.

Initially, the drawers should be marked using temporary labels (e.g. masking tape); once the majority are filled, we shall create a full list and use it to generate labels using the Dymo printer. The list will then be the automatically-generated catalogue of what we have.

The arrangement of what the drawers contain will develop over time. The initial idea, based on the spreadsheet of what we need, does not work as, for example, 2.5mm bolts wont be available longer than 40mm, yet woodscrews are unlikely to be kept in shorter lengths.

The best idea for now is to have a given 'base-item' (e.g. 5mm woodscrews) to 'snake' around the drawers, followed by the next size of the same type of item. We'll have to see how this works.

These drawers were not to contain only the items on their label - 'mixed collections' should be stored in other containers (e.g. LinBins) until they can be sorted into their proper home in these drawers.